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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dive Into the World of the Brilliant Art

The Royal Palm” joined my growing collection of richly illustrated and highly imaginative stories for children a few years ago. Since then this book has been honored for excellence by the Mom’s Choice Awards, won the 2015 Readers’ Favorite International Award competition and was recommended for home and school libraries, and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.

In this magical tale, a beautiful specimen tree has been planted in a special garden, fulfilling her life-long wish to leave behind her small island and move to the mainland. While pondering the circumstances which brought her to that point, the silvery Royal Palm reflects upon the true friends she left behind, who accepted her just as she was in spite of her assumed arrogance toward them. She recalls the hurricane she thought would destroy her, and
remembers how the smaller, more common palm trees rallied round her to protect her from the blowing sand, waves and wind. While she expects to be happy in her new life, she comes to the realization that she will always miss her old friends, regardless of how many new friends she may one day have.

The Royal Palm is a wonderful fantasy, told in the flowery language one might expect from an anthropomorphized tree, the wind, and other elements of a tropical paradise. Intended to facilitate the growth of a child’s imagination, this story also comes complete with a valuable life lesson. As they become a part of the story, young readers will learn to appreciate the other people in their lives. They will learn that it is not always wise to prejudge those around them because a day of reckoning may come when those whom they might think poorly of will become the ones on whom the child must depend for help. Although understated, The Royal Palm shouts loud and clear to young readers: “Don’t judge by appearances. It’s what’s inside that counts.” 

Beautifully created in full color, “The Royal Palm” is an extremely smart, entertaining, and fascinating guide without being too preachy on this touching topic. If possible, please read this multi-award-winning story first. It is targeted for ages six through ten. Younger readers are able to follow the story while it is read aloud through the illustrations, while children aged eight and older will be better suited to independent reading of the text. It addresses many of the difficult issues children face in dealing with their peers.

If you have not read any of my books yet, I recommend you take a leisurely look through my enchanting collection at and see what other book will be the next to read. All my books are lovely reads for families together. They convey stories with good messages about being kind to others. Life is fun, when you share it with others. The amazing illustrations are vibrant and engaging and readers will be drawn into the magical world that comes alive on each page. I hope you had fun coloring this book and enjoyed some activities as you set out on dreamlike adventures. I would be delighted if (with their parents’ permission) young artists and readers would send me their coloring pages and stories so I could see their vision too. You can scan the colored pages and then email them to I will gladly post them on my blog at Mrs.D.Books. Have fun reading, coloring and following Mrs. D’s Books!


This coloring book is based on a beautifully illustrated, award- winning children’s book, “The Royal Palm.”  It is a fun book, full of wonderful art, surprises, and activities, which will entertain and educate children without them realizing it. If a child hasn’t read “The Royal Palm,” the detailed illustrations will tell them the story of the beautiful but very snobby tree. However, the hardcover or paperback book in print will treat your children to a delightful tale brought to life through the magical storyline and colorful artwork of Chanoa, a talented artist. “The Royal Palm” is available in hardcover and softcover form, and as an e-book on Amazon and B&N online stores. The autographed version of “The Royal Palm,” signed with a special message, is available on Etsy. Express your creativity, relax, and have fun!

Our lives are drenched in color! Please step away from the online world and all gadgets and express your artistic side. Look around you and use your inspired mind while having fun coloring the magical, calming and inspired sketches created for you by a wonderful artist named Chanoa. Dive into the world of the brilliant art, which makes our life brighter, richer and more meaningful. See the magic through the eyes of the artist, and do not forget to enjoy the activities which this coloring book has to offer. Color on and stay happy!

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