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Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Who Is Most Important In The Fridge?"~ Three New Stories From Mrs. D.

I am thrilled to introduce you to the exciting characters from my new series "Who Is Most Important in the Fridge?", illustrated by Ms. Chanoa. 

I must admit, I absolutely adore working with Ms. Chanoa, extremely talented and devoted young artist whose artistic imagination knows no limits. Her artwork engages young readers from the moment they first look at the illustration. 

Please take a sneak glance inside and meet characters from the first story!

Meet Stacey!!

Sneaking through the open door, Stacey hopped on the kitchen floor.

Meet Frank!

"Where's the little girl?" Frank searched for her blonde curls.

Meet Kate !

"I'm first, I'm first," the cabbage from Missouri quietly rehearsed.

Meet Mr. Sam!

Tall cucumber was a big persona. He'd grown up in Arizona.

Meet Fred!

The green lettuce broke the news that he would feed Stacey first. 

Meet OJ!

Orange juice jumped on his shelf. "I'm great for Stacey's health!"

 Meet Peppy!

 "What's the noise about, my friend?" Peppy mumbled from his bed.

 Meet Rena!

"I do not think you should mind," Rena the radish took Sam's side. 

 Meet Blue Bowl!

 "Mr. Sam, what a great trick!" The salad bowl moved to the sink.

Meet Uncle Tom!

 Uncle Tom feels a strong urge to feed the little girl first ...

The three stories will introduce young readers to delightful goofy food characters with personalities, real feelings, passions and fears, who always disagree with each other about  who will feed a hungry little girl first. 


Watch this cool book trailer!

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