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Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Hello Teeny Pheeny" by Karen Emma Hall



Karen Emma Hall is a creative new children's author. Her first series of stories for children debuted in 2014.

Karen combines skills of illustrations and words to draw children into the magic world of stories and reading.
Karen discovered her love of writing a long time ago while reading to children as an auxiliary nurse and a nanny. She helped children in the classroom with their art, and soon decided to put the two together - writing stories with illustrations for children.
Eventually she started working with the elderly, and found that they loved art and painting as well, so her stories are not just for the young but everyone, aged one to one hundred.
Her first series of children's stories are a little bit magic. They leave readers with that magic feeling after reading them. If you love owls and you love cats, then you are going to adore her fully illustrated books. All the illustrations in the books are hand drawn and painted.
The very first book in the Teeny Pheeny Tales series is very appealing, as it is the introduction of the main characters, Mrs Phoenix and Teeny Pheeny, (Pheeny coming from the word Phoenix) and the owl folk of Boohoo Village. This series brings you teeny bits of teeny magic. The owls are almost living and breathing as they're very endearing, funny and even a bit grumpy! It's all about the owls!
Karen has four daughters and two special cats (who turn up in the stories). She is very active on social media, and is very happy to reply to messages in person on twitter, where she also writes her own quotes. You can follow her on google+ facebook and her blog. Karen's blog is very popular and very amusing and a must read. Karen is currently illustrating more sketches and starting on her next children's amusing stories about cats... but she can't give away too much about that just yet!

From Mrs.D:

“Hello Teeny Pheeny” is one of those gripping children’s books that captivates children’s curiosity in a very special way. Who wouldn’t love to spend some time with the mysterious owls leading interesting lives in a magical place named Boohoo Village? Filled with fascinating characters, beaming from the glowing illustrations and intriguing storyline, the story takes young readers on an exciting journey where they will interact with charismatic protagonists like Missy Martin, Mr. Gadgie, Lord Snoots, Mrs. Phoenix, and Teeny Pheeny, with whom children will fall in love the moment they meet.

“Hello Teeny Pheeny” is an adventurous story full of whimsy and magic that enchants and tickles the creative and imaginative minds of young readers. Sweet storyline and charming, simple illustrations make the book a perfect read for children of any age. It combines fantasy, quirkiness, and imagination, which will drive young readers to look forward to reading the next books in this series. The entertainment value in the book is worth more than the book's price. Highly recommended!

The next book in the Teeny Pheeny tales will be out at the end of April/May 2015, so if you love this first story you will not have long to wait for the follow up.

Watch out for your invitation to a party event on facebook to celebrate the launch of the 4D toy OWL called Teeny Pheeny and see him as a real toy owl and in a book! You can win full goody bag that includes a selection of books and Teeny Pheeny in plush himself, comes with cuddly tim and everlasting hugs~

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