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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Runaway Clothes:Life Lessons Lovingly Presented


Great lesson to learn and share with others! Runaway Clothes - an enlightening, instructional story about a little girl named Nika who did not like to take care of her clothes and toys. Children will learn a valuable life lesson: appreciate what you have today, because tomorrow may change everything ...

5.0 out of 5 stars

 CLOSET CHAOS May 9, 2014

Do you have a young lady in your home who is a less than perfect housekeeper? This book might be just what the doctor ordered.

Nika is a wide-eyed pretty little lass who awakes one morning to find that all her clothes are missing from her closet. Both the metal and wooden hangers are bare. She looks outside her cold window and sees only the mist. Where can her clothes be hiding? Nika is freezing because she is dressed only in her pajamas. She does not know what to do. Then she gazes around her room and observes that all her toys are lying around in disorganized heaps. What if they decide to abandon her as well? Nika panics. So she purposefully sets out to clean and organize her toys and stuffed animals.

That does not resolve her dilemma. It is cold outside; how will she ever be able to leave the house without her clothing? Nika talks to the trees and the sun rays who are both sympathetic. The wind blows her salty tears and they land on her clothing, which it turns out, are closer than Nika is aware. Does Nika ever find her wayward clothing? At the end of the story, Nika's mom is really impressed with her daughter because she has learned a few valuable lessons.

The illustrations by Chanoa are beautifully done in large computer images with detailed facial expressions in soft pastels. As in another of MRS. D's previous, books, Good Morning, World!, personification plays a large role in the story. The hangers, clothing, wind, sun rays and fog come to life. There are some guardian spirits looking on as well. The illustrations face the text on the opposite page. While a few vocabulary words like enraged are a stretch for younger children, the illustrations provide context clues. I would recommend the book for little ones in the elementary grades and for parents who might want to impress upon their child the importance of taking good care of their belongings.

5.0 out of 5 stars Life Lessons Lovingly Presented May 15, 2014

Runaway Clothes by Mrs. D is full of delightful imagery. The words flow in such a fanciful way that children are sure to be immediately engaged and pulled into the story. Its endearing quality teaches young ones the importance of taking care of their valued belongings in such a way that they will not realize they are learning a lesson in the proper care of one's possessions. Excellently executed!

If the colorful writing does not yet engage the youngest of readers, the beautiful illustrations are guaranteed to catch their attention! I believe this book will delight children of all ages. The youngest will be drawn in by the vivid pictures while the older ones will become lost within the lovely descriptive words. They will feel the child's anguish at the loss of her runaway clothes, and later her joy, as she is reunited with them.

It is sometimes difficult for me to leave a review and judge someone's work, but this author made it an incredibly easy process for me. Beautiful storytelling, Mrs. D! I am sure it will be treasured by the many children lucky enough to get lost within its pages.

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