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A Beautiful Tribute From My Fans

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Classic Books that Educate and Entertain Young Readers

Another year. Another book. Another award. Life is beautiful. Life is full of surprises. Life is worth living when you reach for your star. Standing in front of hundreds of people cheering you for good work is a dream of every author. That is how I felt receiving my awards at the Reader’s Favorite ceremonies. Finally all the troubles left behind, the struggles forgotten, the doubts disappeared—the worries mean nothing when the cold medal touches your chest. The hard work is rewarded. The sleepless nights finally paid off. The sacrifices seem small, and the fears less scary. It is one of the sweetest moments, and one I will always remember, when I look at my books that have won awards.

Little readers are tricky fellows, because they aren’t really yours until you catch their minds and capture their imagination. They are their own little individuals, who have their own wants, needs, and made-up minds: tiny people who unknowingly put themselves ahead of anyone, including a writer. You don’t own them until they have said YES to your book. And goodness no, you do not want to ever leave them disappointed. I am glad I met their expectations and earned the trust of their parents. Overwhelmed as I was at every Readers’ Favorite ceremony, I remembered why I chose to write for children, why I took this uneasy road, an exhausting journey with many up and downs.

Many things have happened since I typed my first word in English in 2011. It was not easy to lift myself above my fears and worries about being misunderstood and criticized. The doubts I had years ago about my ability to write in English now have little effect on my confidence. The mistakes I made appear smaller and less painful. The awards displayed in my office prove that nothing is impossible once I put my mind to work. It has been a wild ride, a speedy rollercoaster, with curves and hills, sleepless nights, and endless work, but it led me to 17 published books, recognition, and success. The multiple awards I received for my books made me realize that there is still a need for good classic books that educate and entertain young readers. Teaching children about real life, building their confidence, and helping them learn new things about themselves is my strong foundation. It is important to strengthen children’s first wobbly baby steps as they learn to read with the help of good books, leading to a strong and confident walk that will carry them toward new highs and a bright future. Writing stories with good lessons became my passion. Making great quality books became my job.

The publishing world has taken a dramatic turn over the last decade. With many tools and ways to create books, there is always the chance to learn and improve. Self publishing opened many opportunities for many talented people. Sadly, it also brought many unworthy writings into the book industry, which polluted online stores and created some unappealing images for indie authors. A modern reader is lost in a mix of good and bad books. Parents have a hard time choosing quality books for their children, and most of the time don’t give independent authors a chance. As a grandmother of four, I face this dilemma when I choose books for my grandchildren. I wish there was some way to separate quality books from ones that aren’t done properly so readers could more easily navigate the ocean of books. As for me, I will continue to create classic children’s books, which help enable a child’s creativity and build a strong foundation, helping children to fly free in their imagination. Wishing you all a peaceful and happy new year ahead!