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Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Bold Learning Tool for Children and Parents

Join Avi and Jackson to see all the fun things they like to do!

 From Mrs.D: 

Avi and Jackson, Best Friends” is a charming story written in rhyme and illustrated with bold, bright artwork. It celebrates a friendship of two boys with their own personalities, similarities, and of course some differences.

Avi and Jackson are two happy friends who enjoy each other’s company despite their age difference. They enjoy being indoors and outdoors while creating all kinds of games while the seasons are changing. The author invites young readers into the playful world of two friends who appreciate each other for what they are. Through this book, youngsters will learn what real friendship means. Children will benefit from this story too, because the boys are involved in many activities, giving them many ideas on what to do when they have their friends over.

Rosie Russell has written a fine lyrical story that boys and girls will enjoy. Throughout the story the author smartly hid special things for children to hunt, while educating them without preaching that the words “we’re bored” should not be in their vocabulary. There are plenty of things to do if you use your imagination and creativity. All kinds of indoor and outdoor games, sports, and seasonal activities are healthy and entertaining!

The colorful illustrations describe the story nicely, and the gentle bouncing rhythm and rhyme of the book make it a peaceful bedtime read. A wonderful book with a positive message—explore the world around you! A bold learning tool for children and parents!

About the Author:


Rosie Russell is the author and illustrator of:
"Beasley's Journey" 
"Maggie, Millie, and Merrie's Magical Adventure," 
"Maggie, Millie, Merrie's Magical Coins" Book #2
"Avi Jackson Best Friends" 
"A Search and Find of Every Kind with Jake and his dog named Cain"
"Beasley and Friends to the Rescue"
"Sherman the Shopping Cart A Search and Find"

She studied Early Childhood Education and taught students in elementary and middle school for fifteen years in the Midwest.
Rosie now writes and illustrates full time and is looking forward to sharing her books with students, encouraging them to write and illustrate their own stories. 
A portion of profits from her books will be donated to different causes, depending on the subject of her books.