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Friday, September 22, 2017

Follow Carlo’s Upcoming Adventures!

Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite

Carlo the Mouse, Book 2: Now We're Talking! by Mrs. D. is a fun follow-up to Book 1, in which we were introduced to Carlo, a happy-go-lucky - but perhaps too curious - little mouse who resides with his family inside a hospital. In this adventure we follow Carlo as he follows his nose, against his parents' counsel, toward the hospital kitchen. But the aromas wafting from that quarter are just too tempting to resist, so little Carlo soon learns that perhaps he should pay more attention to the adult mice in his life. Mrs. D. cleverly teaches children that parents really are looking out for their best interests by portraying Carlo as a surrogate child who thinks he knows better than his parents. Your children will enjoy having you read this tale to them, scarcely realizing they are learning a valuable lesson as they engage with Carlo.

Mrs. D. has once again teamed up with an excellent artist to illustrate Carlo the Mouse, Book 2: Now We’re Talking! The colorful graphics, exaggerated facial expressions, and attention to detail perfectly complement the text, and will be certain to hold your little one's attention, whether you are reading the story to them or they are reading it themselves. As with all her previous stories, she has seamlessly merged an engaging tale with beautiful graphics, and the result is ideally suited to young readers and pre-readers. Mrs. D. promises several more episodes in Carlo's story, so your youngsters will be able to follow Carlo’s upcoming adventures as they continue to advance their own reading skills. I heartily recommend inviting Carlo the Mouse into your children’s library.

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