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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Trees Have Hearts~ A Modern Day Fairytale With A Lesson

Originally published in Classic Children's Books
by Tina Peterson, otherwise known as 'The Book Lady.' 

How many of you had imaginary friends growing up? You were lonely and maybe you did not have many kids in your neighborhood or perhaps this little girl like you found yourself unable to communicate with other kids and therefore alone and needing friends. This little girl easily captures your heart and sympathies as she makes friends with the only "beings" around. 3 trees each with own their personalities are in the garden and she makes friends each one of them. The story takes place over a year and as the season changes so does the little girl - she grows in confidence and by the end of the book she has friends and needs to rely on the trees less and less.

The Trees Have Hearts is a wonderful story for kids who love to sink into a good book. Perhaps like our heroine they are lonely and need friends or perhaps they love a good book to read on a rainy afternoon. The pictures are beautiful and fun to explore and the details in them are wonderful. The suggested reading level is 5-8 but I would say it's for kids who are able to read / listen to a lot of detail. It's a bit long and the dialogue is very detailed for most 5 year olds so I would suggest parents read it first before giving it to their kids to read or trying to read it.

You can purchase "The Trees Have Hearts" as a paperback or on Kindle and you can learn more about the author right hereMrs D has also written other books including "Carlo The Mouse on Vacation" and you might also be interested in that one too. = D

- See more by visiting this website

by Mrs. D. (Olga D'Agostino)
ISBN: 978-1469134796
$ 19.79 ( paperback )
$ 3.03 ( Kindle )

From Tina: I am passionate about children learning to read and families sharing good books - namely the classics!  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Power of Words

I started reading to my children when they were newborns. They were raised on Bible stories, The Berenstain Bears, nursery rhymes and lesser-known favorites like "Five Minutes Peace" and "A House is a House for Me." The words in these stories gave wisdom, built character, faith and morals taught, entertained, instilled language skills and knitted tightly woven bonds between me and my children ...

I'll never forget the evening my one year-old son came down the stairs from his bedroom crying. He came to me, hugged me tightly and said, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my mommy you'll be." And then he handed me the book he'd just read.

And I'll never forget the day one of my daughters came home from school when she was in the third grade, handing me a copy of "The Man Who Loved Clowns" and told me games teacher (a life-long friend) said I needed to read this because she was reading it to the class.

Oh, and there are the days ... weeks ... months ... years I read to my four children each morning for a few minutes before the bus came to take Them to school. Nancy Drew Mysteries (the ones I'd read as a child), The Orphan Train series, Huck Finn, The Little House books, Great Expectations, Junie B. Jones, the American Girl series and many others.

The power of words you share with your children by reading to and with them is something you should never take for granted. Grab each moment you can not read it and with your children. In the morning ... in the car ... at naptime ... at bedtime ... instead of television ... to help them ... learn to share your love.

Reading to and with your children is an investment ... an investment in their lives.

About the Author

From  Darla J Noble 

(I've been writing about anything and everything since I met up and coming author, Judy Blume, When I was in the sixth grade. While most of my work over the past twenty years has been parenting / family resources, inspirational non-fiction , Bible studies and curriculum, it is now time for me to begin telling my stories, the stories of the people and events That have made my life the wonderful adventure it is.

When I'm not writing, you will find me spending time with my husband, playing with my grandchildren, gardening or spending time with a special group of young people I call my kids.)

Newest book: "All my love, George ..." NOTE: Book available in print nation-wide from any bookstore and all ebook formats.

All my love ... George: Letters from a WWII hero

A good book allows us to become part of the story within its pages, leaves us wishing we did not have to say good-bye to its characters and makes us better in one way or another for having read it. "All My Love, George" is a good book. Technician Third Grade, George Burks was a medic who served and gave his life in the South Pacific During World War II. This book chronicles his three year journey from boot camp to days just prior to his death through the letters he wrote home to his family. These letters are intertwined with the thoughts and reminiscences of his younger brother-sixty-five years after George's death. Readers will grieve a family's loss as if it were their own, be put in the midst of one of the greatest periods of history in our nation and develop a sense of pride in this young soldier who selflessly gave his all for the life we enjoy today. The man was George- genuine, thoughtful, sincere, valiant and a real-life hero is evident in both the letters and the tender, the current words of his brother- a man whose teen years were overshadowed by his loss of a much-loved and admired older brother.

For more, please visit Darla's: