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A Beautiful Tribute From My Fans

Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Perfect Coloring Book for a Fall Storytime

This coloring and activity book for kids is based on “That Is How Things Are,” a modern classic children’s book with memorable characters and thrilling adventures. 

The two colorful stories are paired with stunning artwork that children will be eager to explore. I would recommend reading this book first. It will add a star to your child’s imagination and coloring skills. It is a kitten’s first autumn, and he wonders where it comes from. 

As the kitten observes autumn leaving and then watches the icy wind from his warm home, he tries to understand why these transformations are happening. 

The curious kitten witnesses one of nature’s most powerful and dramatic phenomena: the change from season to season.

Any child who has yearned to understand nature will be happy to relive it with the inquiring kitten. The dramatic scenes, the brave yellow leaf, and the little kitten’s nosiness will make young readers cheer and applaud the brave characters with their irrepressible spirit.You are only one click away from fun!