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A Beautiful Tribute From My Fans

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Explore the Beauty of Nature and the World Outside

From the Author:

These eight fun, calming stories are also available in CD or audio version - beautifully and professionally read with gentle musical backgrounds. Imagine, the e-book version, is the optional script companion to this collection of stories and narratives, intended to be read aloud to a child or group of children. Children can be encouraged to join in with the stories with miming, movement, acting etc – or the stories can be used as relaxation visualizations where children simply relax, listen and use their imaginations to go on the different adventures.
Read the scripts slowly, pausing so that children can follow instructions where needed. The pace can be adjusted to your particular group of children/child’s needs.
The final story/narrative is a simple, calming relaxation for children.
Recommended: the CD or audio to accompany this script.

From Mrs.D: 

Well, this was my first experience with children’s audiobooks for my grandson and me. And boy, we weren’t disappointed! Finally we have something interesting to get Grayson away from the iPod and YouTube!

The book included eight soothing stories, perfect for young children to feed their fantasies, and for me to experience a peaceful time. Grayson enjoyed mimicking all kinds of animals and growing things. And taking a trip to a magical woodland was pure pleasure! And don’t start me on the voyage into outer space with gentle background music and a great storyline. So much fun!

Listening to these engaging stories, we learned a lot about trees and what they try to teach us. The author beautifully linked the life lesson with the intriguing stories and beautiful music. This book will bring a child a sense of stability and security. Just like in nature. “Sad things can happen. Difficult things can happen. Good and exciting things can happen!”

Hilary Hawkes has created a beautiful message for children and grown-ups. Great stories to listen to in the car, on a trip, or just before bedtime. It is a very soothing and interactive fable for any age, teaching children to explore the beauty of nature and the world outside. If you want to calm down your child, this book is definitely for you!


Hilary Hawkes began her writing career in her late teens and twenties, writing short stories and articles that were published in magazines. Her first children's fiction books, and non-fiction books for adult readers, were published from 2000 onwards. Today she writes mainly for young readers up to age twelve. She says she especially likes writing about crazy things that might not really happen, but that really ought to happen. And stories that nurture and inspire. Visit her website at

As well being traditionally published by several different UK publishers, Hilary created Strawberry Jam Books (aimed at children from preschool to age 12). Strawberry Jam Books produce stories and resources that promote kindness, friendship, awareness of differences and disabilities and understanding of ourselves and others. It includes the Story Therapy(R) series - stories, audios, cd that help children with feelings and emotions. Follow the link to Strawberry Jam Books on her website for more details.

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 Strawberry Jam Books produce stories and resources for children from preschool to 12 that promote acceptance of differences or disabilities and understanding of ourselves and others.