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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Little Miss History Travels to La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

From the Author

Ever wonder about life in the Ice Age? Little Miss HISTORY travels back in time to LA BREA TAR PITS & MUSEUM in her eighth adventure of the award winning “Little Miss HISTORY Travels to” children’s book series. Springs of liquid petroleum and a great lake of pitch, filled with exploding bubbles, once dotted the landscape of modern Los Angeles. At La Brea scientists discovered fossils of plants and animals like mammoths, sloths, and saber-tooth tigers that lived there thousands of years ago. The George C. Page Museum contains a glass-enclosed laboratory nicknamed the “Fish Bowl” where visitors can see scientists at work cleaning and categorizing current fossil discoveries. Visitors will discover wonders as they meander through the Pleistocene gardens, view an Ice Age film, and gaze down into the pits - but Be careful! Watch out for those tar seeps.

From Mrs.D.

Now more than ever, kids want to know about our country’s history. And what a story the Mojicas have created! Illustrator Victor Mojica captures both the breathtaking landscape and the flavor of California wildlife. I promise you—the colorful illustrations will dazzle history lovers, kids and adults alike, as soon as they open this beautifully illustrated book.

Barbara and Victor Mojica’s children’s history books are all visually lovely, no doubt about it. They are also incredibly informative. Their new book, “Little Miss History Travels to La Brea Tar Pits and Museum,” is filled with amazing images and interesting facts. It takes young readers back in time to see and learn what the state was like thousands years ago. It is a special reminder of the history, milestones, and special people who contributed their knowledge, work, wealth and lives to the state and museum. This book not only has fantastic illustrations, but also great content that educates about scientific discoveries, geology, and amazing people who funded this national landmark. I went through the book several times and had a great time traveling through time while learning about the tar pits, fossils and oil.

The illustrations have freshness and vibrancy that will not dim with time. The text is a refreshing change from so many of the books we see for kids these days. It is informative and intelligent, while remaining fun and engrossing for the independent young reader or listener.
Barbara Mojica does a wonderful job depicting scenes and capturing the feel of the historical places and facts. There are lots of people and landmarks to explore, and the details are fantastic!

This book is a wonderful, nostalgic tribute to the wonderful city of Los Angeles and the people who contribute to La Brea Tar Pits and National Museum. It allows readers to visit the amazing places and highlights, with illustrations sure to amuse. It is a book that kids will enjoy for many generations. The artwork is compelling and the story line is engaging. It’s a perfect gift for those who fall in love with history from an early age. And for parents who love to travel through the pages of a paper book with your child, it is a wonderful experience and provides quality time together. The book is packed with remarkable pictures and interesting details.

I would highly recommend the Little Miss History series as a travel guide for kids, because it does a great job of touching on all the facts and special places that we all should visit. A great way to introduce little people to the history of various landmarks!


Barbara Ann Mojica is a historian and retired educator. She writes historical articles for the Columbia Insider under the banner "Passages." Using the whimsical Little Miss History character, Barbara hopes to inspire children to learn about historical people and places. Little Miss History's antics make reading nonfiction a fun-filled adventure for all ages.

Little Miss HISTORY Travels to MOUNT RUSHMORE is her first stop. In her second journey she sails to The STATUE of LIBERTY. Little Miss HISTORY'S third adventure to SEQUOIA National Park finds her skydiving into the park to explore its history. This book recently received honorable mention in the Children's Literature Independently Published Principal's Awards (CLIPPA), and runner-up in nature/wildlife category of the 2015 Great Northwest Book Festival. In her fourth adventure, Little Miss HISTORY arrives at FORD'S THEATER in her horse and buggy just in time for the 150th Anniversary to witness an event that changed history. This book won the 2015 IAN Award for Outstanding Children's Nonfiction Book.

Where can you explore life on a submarine, an aircraft carrier, and outer space all in one place? At the INTREPID Sea, Air & Space Museum, visitors can watch war movies, view actual WW II planes, and explore the Growler nuclear submarine. The USS Intrepid served: in WW II, the Vietnam War, during the height of the Cold, and as FBI headquarters for the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Read more about this one ship's amazing history, and the sacrifices of those who served on her, to keep the USA safe and free!




A journey begins with leaving one place and venturing forth toward a new one. Millions of immigrants left their homelands in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to seek the promise of a better future in America. Why did they abandon their homeland? Some fled from political oppression or slavery, others sought work or the possibility of acquiring land to farm. Those who entered the Great Hall on Ellis Island did so with fear in their hearts and hope in their eyes.

Come follow Little Miss HISTORY Travels to ELLIS ISLAND and explore their dreams and experiences as they passed through the gates. Perhaps you will see one of your ancestors reflected in their eyes. For most immigrants the end of their transatlantic voyage was a new beginning, for others it became “An Island of Tears.”

George Washington is best known as America's first president, but he was also a military hero. If you asked George Washington what he really wanted to be, he would reply, "a farmer." Seeking to revolutionize antiquated 18th-century farming methods, Washington experimented with crop rotation, fertilizers, plowing, and plants. The Mount Vernon Ladies Association began restoring his estate to its former glory in 1853. Today the buildings, grounds and The Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Education Center reveal the real Father of the United States of America. Step inside and take a look.

Ready for some fun? Now you can color some of my adventures in this first of my coloring books. Grab those crayons, pencils or markers and put your colors on these historical people and places.

Little Miss HISTORY has packed three of her NYC adventures into one exciting book, The Adventures of Little Miss History, Volume 1. Visit the STATUE of LIBERTY the symbol of hope and promise for the immigrants who passed it on their way to fulfilling their dreams as they awaited inspection on ELLIS ISLAND. Then journey up the Hudson River to the USS INTREPID to witness and explore hands on one ship's amazing history in WW II, the Vietnam War, the space age, and the war on terrorism. Hold on to your hats for a rollicking ride back into the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with Little Miss HISTORY!

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