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A Beautiful Tribute From My Fans

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


By Mrs. D.

Quietly twirling in the chilling air, the first yellow leaves touch the ground. The playful sunrays, which slip through the wide window each morning, don’t warm up my room today. The half-sleepy sun hides behind the horizon and slowly disappears from the cloudy, dull sky. Reaching for a warm sweater, I look at my restless cat searching for a comfortable spot beside my computer. Looking at the gloomy sky, which promises a long rainy day, I quietly sit by the window, watching the sad autumn knocking on my door.
Another summer has passed, and so have my worries. My first self-published children’s books finally saw the world. I attended a few book signings organized by folks from old-fashioned Smithville Village and introduced my books to many of my little fans. It was an exciting experience and a lot of fun. I met new fans and greeted old friends. I would gladly make this journey over and over again.
Nothing in this world could compare to how I felt when I met my first little fan. She was an exquisite 8-year-old girl who happened to like my book The Trees Have Hearts. Her beautiful smile reminded me of my own daughters, who arrived in this country when they were her age. As nervous as I was, I kept the conversation going. The girl was smart and outgoing, with warm, understanding eyes. Right away, she understood why I had written this book.
Throughout the conversation, I had a tingling feeling in my stomach, the same as I had when the UPS truck stopped in front of my house and dropped off a brown package with my first books inside. After many sleepless nights, working hard on my books, I could finally see them in print. Looking through the book Carlo the Mouse on Vacation, I finally realized what I had achieved. It was something I had dreamed of my entire life: I had written a book! It was a small children’s book, just 44 pages, but at that moment, it really did not matter. I was as proud and excited as if I had written 700 pages. To see my books in print meant more than being a published author. It was a moment of achievement. I had accomplished something I love. I always wanted to write.
As we well know, somewhere deep inside each person hides a talent. One day, this talent refuses to sit inside; it wants to sneak outside. This is the moment! Don’t let it slip away! Hold on to this chance with both hands. I promise that you will never regret it.
Many people have shown the world that they could do extraordinary things. This is great! We need to see astonishing things. But this world is not built only on amazing things; it is also based on small everyday things, done by ordinary people like you and me.
I was in my 50s when I started learning how to write in English. I took a chance. I do not know where this journey will take me, but one thing I know for sure: I would never quit writing. I will go all the way to the end and see where my road will take me. By nature, I am a restless soul who likes new discoveries. I chose a hard road. I am writing my stories in a language I do not feel comfortable with. It would be much easier to write in languages I know and then hire a translator to do the work, but that is not an option for me. I perfectly understand what I would miss.
The English language is the most soulful, deep, beautiful language in the world, the language most of the world chooses for business, songs, poetry, lyrics, and communication. The English language is a world of remarkable words, phrases, and writings. It is the pride of so many famous authors. Yes, it is hard to learn a foreign language when you are much older and do not attend school. Learn it anyway. Learn how to speak, read, and write in the language of Shakespeare. Trust me, it is well worth your effort. Push yourself harder and grab every word you can. When I wrote my first stories in English, I felt like a small child who had written her first word, “mama,” on a piece of paper.
It’s never too late to learn something new. It’s never too late to do something you love. It’s never too late to reach for your star. You don’t have to succeed in everything. Choose one thing you love and do it with a passion. It is okay to fail once in a while. In life, we stumble and we fall. Don’t just lie there. Get up and move forward. Keep walking and never look back.
I love to write. I love this beautiful language. I write because maybe someday, someone in this world may need my experience. I write because I have something to share. I hope that people who are afraid of new things will see that there is nothing impossible if you make up your mind and stick to it. I write for one simple reason. I love how it makes me feel: free.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Raising a Reader: 10 steps to help your child embrace reading

Raising a Reader: 10 steps to help your child embrace readingRaising a Reader: 10 steps to help your child embrace reading


- By Lori Garcia (found  on Babble blog)
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With my youngest set to begin kindergarten this fall, I'm reminded of my older son's struggles in school. First there was his whole failure to sit on his square during rug time in kindergarten, only to be followed by major struggles with reading in first grade. Oh, reading. 

How could something we enjoyed so much together turn into such an incredible nightmare as he began learning to read independently? The frustration, the tears - and not just from me! 

As mothers all around the country (myself included) vow to work on developing their children's reading skills this summer, I offer these 10 positive and fun ways to help your struggling reader. 

Be patientBe patient1. Be patient
Child 1st Publications reminds us to nurture our child's literacy experience with gentle encouragement and sensitivity. 

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Become a library regularBecome a library regular2. Become a library regular
The library is a wonderful environment, particularly for a reluctant reader. Encourage your child to participate in the many activities your library has to offer. From story time to computer learning games, time in a literacy-rich environment is time well spent. 

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They've got mailThey've got mail3. They've got mail!
Kids just love to receive mail! Children's magazines are a great way to foster a love of reading. Magazines are a wonderful change from traditional books because the articles are short, fun to read, and filled with colorful glossy pictures. 

Track the wordsTrack the words4. Track the words
When it comes to reading, maintaining focus takes practice. Reading Horizons recommends having your child use a blank index card or her finger to help focus on one word at a time as she reads. 

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Choose books at his reading levelChoose books at his reading level5. Choose books at his reading level
Opt for fun books that interest your child at his current reading level according to Primary School. As his skill level and confidence improve, adjust his reading material accordingly. Ask his teacher for recommendations. 

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Take turns readingTake turns reading6. Take turns reading 
Together, you and your child can do great things. Great Schools recommends taking turns reading. Doing so encourages your child to keep trying with your gentle support and allows your child the opportunity to absorb your phrasing, inflection, and general reading fluency. 

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Go for the funnyGo for the funny7. Go for the funny 
Laughter holds the key to learning. Choose humorous books that interest your child and encourage him to keep trying. 

Lead by exampleLead by example8. Lead by example 
Make reading a part of your daily routine. According to the Ontario Ministry of Education,when children see their parents reading for pleasure, they're much more likely to view reading as a worthwhile activity. 

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Talk to your childTalk to your child9. Talk to your child 
Difficulty reading can lead to feelings of low self-esteem in children. Make sure your child understands that with a little time, patience, and teamwork, she'll be an independent reader in no time. 

Praise your childPraise your child10. Praise your child 
Imagine Learning recommends offering specific praise, such as, "Great job sounding out those words" is a wonderful way to focus on the tasks he's done well. Charting your reader's progress is another wonderful way to highlight his success. 

For 3 more ways to help your struggling reader, visit Babble! 


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Sunday, October 21, 2012

How Books Can Help Bilingual Children Assimilate Into New Cultures

This guest post is contributed by Paul Taylor

How Books Can Help Bilingual Children Assimilate Into New Cultures

Photo by woodleywonderworks

Living in a new culture has its challenges for both children and adults as they must find ways to adapt to a new language, social customs and cultural ideals in order to make friends and get along with others. For many children, the challenges that are associated with assimilating into a new culture can be compounded by their lack of social and emotional experience. For this reason, books can be a wonderful way to open up the doors of understanding a new culture for children by offering the following benefits.

1. Introduction to a new language-One of the largest challenges for assimilation into a new culture is learning how to speak a new language. Fortunately, there are many bilingual books available in a variety of languages. This can enable a child to become more comfortable with their new language while they continue to be able to use their old one.

2. Understanding characters-Many times, a child may find it difficult to explain their feelings in a way that their parents can understand. However, they may be attracted to characters or plots that mirror how they feel. Parents can look out for patterns in the books that their children choose in order to develop an understanding of how they are feeling in their new culture.

3. Open communication-When an adult reads to a child, there should always be open opportunities for communication. This is especially important for reading books about different cultures. When a new idea or concept is broached in a story, adults should take the time to ask open-ended questions that will encourage the child to consider how they feel about new ideas.

4. Encouragement of diversity-Books should always be carefully selected in order to express an important concept. Fortunately, there are many books available today that include an array of characters from diverse backgrounds. In these books, the characters often talk about the things that make their culture unique such as holidays, clothing or traditions.

5. Explain cultural ideals-Every culture has their own way of doing things. For a child who is new to the culture, these ideas can be confusing. However, reading a book about the reasons behind certain cultural traditions can help a child to understand the significance of these rituals to the people who participate in the. After the book is read, then activities can be planned to help support this new understanding.

Helping a child to assimilate to a new culture is important for their continued growth and development. When teaching a child how to appreciate and adapt to a new culture, books are a wonderful way to introduce concepts while helping a child to feel supported. Finally, it is important to encourage open dialogue throughout the story in order to help the child to further understand the new culture so that they can learn to assimilate.

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