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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Worthwhile For Any Child's Library: Carlo the Mouse, Book 5

Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite

Carlo the Mouse is back in his latest mischievous adventure in Nothing is Safe in a Mouse’s Life (Book 5) by Mrs. D with illustrations by Chanoa. Living in a hospital can be challenging, especially if you're sick. While recovering from the chicken pox, Carlo the Mouse began to venture out in search of some food. However, Carlo’s disobedience caused him and his parents to become separated from the safety of the hospital. His parents always warned him to follow the rules because they wanted to keep him safe, but did Carlo do what he was told? No! Children will love reading this book because the adventure that Carlo has embarked upon is full of fun, danger and excitement as he and his family try to escape the grasp of Fidel the cat and some vicious birds during their trek back home.

I love Mrs. D’s Carlo the Mouse book series not only because of his mischievous behavior but because the author's huge fan club that loves these books proves just how worthwhile they are for any child's library. As always with Carlo the Mouse stories, children will enjoy looking at the beautiful, colorful pictures that help to tell the tale of Carlo’s latest adventure. This book is a great way for your child not only to get engaged in reading but to improve their cognitive skills and visualization abilities. It is highly suggested to start with Book 1, but regardless of where you start, you and your child will always be in for a treat. As your child begins to read the other books -- from Rules For A Reason and It’s My Life! to Now We’re Talking! and What's Going On? to Too Many Rules for One Little Mouse -- they will be able to cherish these as have other young readers. Help start building your child’s library today with the intrepid Carlo the Mouse and his singular adventures!


Pages of FUN! Meet new coloring books!

Children will enjoy the original artwork, which is taken from Carlo the Mouse, books 1, 2 and 3. It's a fun coloring and activity book, full of wonderful illustrations to entertain young artists for hours. If children have not read the Carlo the Mouse series first, the detailed sketches will tell them the story of the sneaky, but very shrewd mouse, who always dreamed of greater things. I would recommend reading the six books in print first. They will treat your children to a delightful tale brought to life through the funny story line and colorful artwork. The Carlo the Mouse Series and Carlo the Mouse: Coloring & Activity Kids books 1 and 2 (Book 2 includes the artwork from Carlo the Mouse, books 3, 4 and 5) are available in softcover form and as e-books on Amazon and B&N as other online stores. The autographed versions, signed with a special message, are available on Etsy. 

Sharpen your pencils and brains, read, color, and follow Carlo the mouse!