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Friday, June 25, 2021

A Fact-filled Adventure for Young Readers

From Mrs. D

Once again, the Mojica team has focused on U.S. history by creating another educational addition to the Little Miss History series, which inspires children to learn historical facts. As in their previous history books, a mix of captivating storyline and instructive drawings combined with educational background pictures makes this new book eye-catching and important. From the very first pages, readers dive into fascinating history, which kids will enjoy and find easy to understand. It is a wonderful synopsis of amazing battleships, tragic wars, and life on the ship that children can learn and hopefully understand why and how these ships were built.

Little Miss HISTORY Travels to the Battleship IOWA” revealed cool educational facts about the names in the memoriam, the construction of the actual ship, and life inside it. The fact that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was on the ship for a secret mission made it really intriguing, and the map of Europe in 1939 and Vicky the dog, who slept beside Roosevelt’s bed and had her own sailor's suit, made this book really special and upbeat.

The artwork and pictures are easily recognizable. They covered the sights that people are eager to see. And of course, Miss History is along for the sailing, describing events as they progress and bringing to life this piece of history that should be remembered and passed on to our younger generations. I really love the vivid and realistic photos and illustrations—nostalgic, but entertaining, perfect tools for educators to shine some light on these important facts of our history. And that is why this new book is one that I would recommend adding to your child’s library. It is a clever and fun way to teach your children about this specific landmark and why it is such an important part of American history.


Barbara Ann Mojica, M.A. S.A.S., S.D.A is a historian and retired educator. Her education career spans more than forty years serving as a teacher, special educator, principal, and school district administrator. Barbara writes monthly historical articles for the Columbia Insider under the banner "Passages." Using the whimsical Little Miss History character to narrate her book series, Barbara hopes to educate, entertain and inspire children to learn about historical people and places. Little Miss History's antics make reading nonfiction a fun-filled adventure for all ages. She firmly believes, "If you don't know your history, you don't know what you're talking about.

The Little Miss HISTORY book series has garnered more than two dozen awards including B.R.A.G. Medallions, International Book Excellence Awards, International Readers' Favorite Awards, Eric Hoffer, and Independent Author Network Awards.

Monday, January 11, 2021

The Garden Games: Delish and Fun Rhyming Story!

The Perfect Book for Little Ones with Green Fingers (Comes With FREE Colouring Book)! 

From Mrs. D: 

What child wouldn’t enjoy a yummy story which took place in the garden? Especially when the main characters are very active veggies that encourage all kinds of activities. 

This scrumptious book encourages young readers to learn more about healthy habits and active lifestyles. The rhymes are bouncy and the colorful artwork on each page jumps out at the reader. It is fun to look at their funny faces, full of adorable expressions, as they are playing all kinds of sports and games. Both authors are well informed about gardening, and it makes the book even more interesting. This is a great book for young children, which displays the outdoor fun through the story line and well-thought-out illustrations. It will be a terrific addition to any young child, parent, babysitter, school library, or day care center. Well done!

About the authors:

Jason Conchie
Alexandra Conchie (Author)

Instead of taking any of the profits, Mr and Mrs Conchie took the money in copies of the book to give to the Salvation Army in Banbury and Oxford to be gifted to children in needy families at Christmas.

But the success of Garden Games encouraged the couple to produce another children's book for Christmas.

"Alex has always been mad about Christmas and seeing how well the Garden Games book went she decided she wanted to create a Christmas one. Most of this was her work and I did the editing," said Mr Conchie,sport therapist. 

 More from the authors:

"Banburyshire couple's children's Christmas book reaches top spot on the Amazon chart." From Banbury Guardian 

"In A Carrot on Christmas Eve the carrots are worried that Santa's reindeer might possibly wanting to eat them. And what happens when you use vegetables while making a snowman?

This publication went straight to the top of the same Amazon chart, knocking the Garden Games book from the Number One position. And profits from this storybook have paid for for copies that have been taken to Crisis in Oxford this week for distribution this Christmas.

Mr Conchie said he and his wife, an ambulance technician, have really enjoyed writing and producing the books. The success of the books has been a huge bonus and the couple have received many messages from people saying how much their children have enjoyed the stories.

The greatest news this Christmas is that Isla's condition has improved and she has been taken off medication."

Sunday, December 13, 2020

An all-around sunny story!

BY  Alex Khramova 

From Mrs.D. 

In Search of the Sun” by Alex Khramova is one of those old folklore stories that draw in children of any age. The book is well thought through and beautifully illustrated, sweet and appealing, suitable for young readers who like slightly longer stories, packed with magic and adventures. The characters are simple, but real. They teach children about teamwork, kindness, friendship, and compassion, while taking them to learn about different places.


Each page is colored in fun hues, which makes this book very attractive. It carries a wonderful message—never leave behind someone who is weaker.


Even though a foreigner, the author did her best with translation and editing. I am sure it reads much smoother in her native language, but overall it is a good little book, which would make any child happy. I read it to my grandson, who is six, and he plunged into the story immediately. Just a lovely work all around!

About the author

Alex Khramova is an author of fairy-tales, stories for children, poems and other genres of books. She was born in a small town near the Volga River, but then moved to Moscow, where she pursued a degree on international relationships at Lomonosov Moscow State University. 

Alexsandra Khramova speaks Russian, English, Greek and recently is studying Spanish and French. She is also 
working on her PhD on politology. She likes travelling and has a sailing skipper license. 

She has a sweet little daughter and a funny unpredictable cat. Both of them often appear in her stories.

Published children's books by Alex Khramova

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Cat That Wanders By Itself:Coming SOON!


As long as I have a cat, I have a good, trusted friend. That friend may be a little quirky or opinionated, but it’s one that’s always by my side. Nyda and I shared a special bond and love. 

She entertained me with her behavior, and I put up with her disappearing for weeks at a time.

 She was an unusual calico cat, an expert on life, with intelligence, dignity, and playfulness in equal proportion. 

She understood when to be sweet and charming and when to ignore everything, when to be independent and strong and when to cuddle up to me. 

 Amusing, impulsive, and often unpredictable, she lived on the edge, exploring every opportunity and taking risks, believing that there must be more than nine lives.

 I wrote this story as a tribute to her adventurous life. My hope is that readers will see how unique Nyda was—a loyal and caring companion, a brave explorer and lucky survivor, a free spirit that wandered many places but was always in my heart.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

What Is Good and What Is Bad:PUBLISHED!

A thoughtful and candid look at self-reflection

An educational rhyming tale that will remind children of the power of thinking, analyzing, and finally realizing that being good always wins. 

It proves that positive changes are possible if one is able to take a closer look at their actions. It clearly shows the contrast between good and bad actions and illuminates the bright path for young readers. It also opens up dialogue about reactions to real-life situations, highlights the results of choices, and shows how to make adjustments for the better. A great list of moral examples!

This book (size 8.5/8.5) is released! Order HERE

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Slowdown by Mrs.D


The world slows down, the streets are hushed
The map is red, the blood, the death
From East to West, from North to South 
The globe in flames, the gasping mouth
The breathless lungs, loud machine,
Malicious virus, the novel gene 
The world is sick, both old and young
The shaking hands, the faces masked
No help in sight, no one to ask.
No light in the dark. The gloomy night
The empty streets, no sun in sight
The foe is here; it lurks among,
The warning strict to old and young
It doesn’t care who’s wrong or right
It cuts the feet, it thrives, it breeds
It’s new, unseen, can not be beat
It rules, it kills, imprisons wills
It separates; it’s trying faith
Forgotten fun, no playing kids
Life slowed down; it’s time to think
Why is it here? Time to rethink
Why did life change in a flash, a blink?
We scream, we cry, afraid to sink
Death’s upon us, it breaks all links
Is God with us or has He left us all?
Why is life stalled? Who dropped the ball?
We kill the unborn, but are scared to die
A deadly verdict—one stroke of a pen
The kin are gone, the kids alone
No face-to-face, replaced by a phone
We judge by brands, by fancy cars
Life’s speeding fast, it’s passing by
We’re blind, cruel; we make no sense
We missed all the turns; we lost our chance
It easier to judge than be judged
When love is gone and peace is nudged
No compromise, each for themselves
Forgotten Bible. The empty shelves
Too immature for fancy brains 
No memory who died on the cross in pain
The lying bureaucrats; divided world
The fight, the hate; we spin, we whirl
Too busy for a call, too bushed to meet
Too cheap on hugs, we missed His beat
To march one day under His drum
Are we too low? Are we too dumb?
To see the truth, we need His call
To drop a ball, to rip a wall
A wake-up call, alarm in flame
It doesn’t care for wealth or fame
No way to hide, escape or wane
What have we done? Are we ashamed? 
We’re guilty all, we will be blamed
Begin to care. It's not too late.
Masked in the sky, He is still here
He is with us; so close, so near
He’s stretched out His arms. He has no fear
He holds you close, because you’re dear
He’s lit His torch; He leads His way
You’re not alone, you will be saved.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

A great opportunity to travel back in time!

Written by Barbara Mojica

From Mrs.D.
The legendary city of Tombstone, Arizona, is the setting for a story where readers can meet well-known pioneers and incredible entrepreneurs with exceedingly strong-minded determination, folks who led hard but interesting lives. This legend of heroes, outlaws, and justice, of history preserved in one story, educational in a very entertaining format, presents children with the opportunity to explore the meaning of the American past. The mix of photos and illustrations will give readers a better understanding of how the American West was built, and what happened during and after our westward development. Throughout the book, children will learn about the legendary landmarks, exemplified and beautifully executed by talented artist Victor Mojica. His brilliant art and the smartly created storyline by Barbara Mojica will bring readers face to face with the incredible characters who make this book memorable and very special. It’s truly an educational gift that will elevate the way children learn. It will draw them into the inspiring story of amazing, courageous people who made a difference in the world. No matter what difficulties they faced on their road, they turned them into challenges and never gave up until they reached their dreams. It is important to have role models in life. And the characters from this book offer just that, with examples which will enlarge the self-esteem and knowledge of readers.

This is the perfect children’s book for learning. The artwork is striking and the text is informative as well as interesting, as usual. Vibrant, simple artwork covers Old Wild West history nicely, and brief but important information not only allows children to expand their horizons but also to increase their ability to absorb new things. It’s pure inspiration to explore, and it ensures engagement on the part of kids! So hop on your horse with Little Miss History and take an educational ride to the Wild West! Another wonderful book by an award-winning team, Barbara and Victor Mojica: “Little Miss History Travels to Tombstone!” It’s fun to read!

Thank you for reading my post!!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Grandma's Cookies Stories: Book 1

Who Let The Cookies Out? (Grandma's Cookies Stories Book 1) by Mrs. D. is a delicious story where readers meet Grandma who wanted to make holiday cookies to surprise her grandson's pre-K class and make his classmates happy. She made the first batch of butter cookies and she placed them on a plate to cool and went on with her next batch. Grandma was pleased with her first batch and decided to use the same ingredients. She added a vanilla liquid to the dough and that made the cookies smell really good. She kept them next to the butter cookies, but the vanilla cookies thought they were better than the butter ones. The third batch of cookies had a little hole so that they could put a string through it and use it as a decoration for their Christmas tree. Grandma was pleased with her third batch and she added some crumbled mint chips to the fourth batch. The cookies came out green and they thought they were the best looking cookies in the world. Each batch thought they were the best, and Grandma went on to make glazed cookies for the fifth batch. 

What happens when Grandma folds a handful of nuts into her dough?

The story is a fun read and the nutty behavior of the nut cookies will bring a smile to the faces of young readers. The illustrations by Chanoa are as adorable as the batches of cookies and give life to the story and its characters, making them tangible to readers. The recipe to make cookies can be tried out at home with the help of parents. The underlying message of the story is relevant and relatable. It will make young readers realize how a few nuts can spoil the batch, though the rest of the ingredients used are the same. It is a good storybook for bedtime storytelling and can be used in classrooms for reading aloud and storytelling sessions.

Available on AMAZON 

Monday, May 6, 2019

Let Your Creativity Run Nuts!

Welcome to hours of full-time fun and enjoyment! 
All artwork in this coloring book is taken from the book “Who Let the Cookies Out?” It includes original sketches and characters, bonus activity pages, mazes and puzzles, tracings and drawings, connecting dots, and more.

 There’s a variety of the original artwork, some simple with just one character—clean, clear, and uncluttered—and some with a few characters, which will appeal to older children, who love to dive into more complicated art, while the younger children will enjoy tracing and learning activities.

So listen up, you smart cookies! Grab your pencils and crayons, and don’t forget your favorite cookies and a glass of milk! Now go nuts and bring these nutty cookies to life with your wild imagination and precious talented minds!!

Thank you!