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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Well, where does Carlo end up after landing in the open car?

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Carlo the Mouse had a happy life living inside the hospital walls where he liked to annoy the hospital cook. The angry chef always threatened to quit and he tried to lure the mouse into a metal cage by stuffing the mousetraps with expensive cheese, but Carlo snatched the cheese from the trap like a pro. Though the hospital manager hired fancy experts with new tricks, nothing seemed to work, and so easily winning the war with the chef, hospital manager, and exterminator made Carlo dissatisfied. He wanted to leave the place. He dreamed of visiting famous restaurants and meeting well known chefs. Carlo's parents felt he needed a change of scene and they also felt he needed a mate. His life takes a different turn when he meets a red-haired mouse standing behind the fence and wishing to go to Paris. They get married and have children but Carlo is still hoping to leave Florida. Things change when Carlo lands in an open car after falling from the hospital canopy. Where will Carlo arrive from there? 

by Mrs. D. is a delightful story and children will be amused reading about Carlo’s adventures as he dreams about getting out of the hospital and leaving Florida. The illustrations are colorful and lively and they breathe life into the characters and give a good pace and movement to the story. The love angle with Maria is cute and it is fun to see how Carlo uses peroxide to bleach his hair and change the color to match with that of Maria. The book is a fun read and can be used for storytelling sessions at home and in school. 

This delightful story will make children curious and imaginative when it comes to learning more about Carlo. Well, where does Carlo end up after landing in the open car? Will he be able to visit famous restaurants and meet well known chefs?