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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

MRS. D invites you to read her award-winning book “The Trees Have Hearts.”

Honored for Excellence by the Mom's Choice Awards

Picture Book Captures the Essence of Friendship and Acceptance

“The Trees Have Hearts” follows the touching story of a little girl who tries to make friends in new surroundings

 Parents who want to make the most of storytelling activities with their children should focus on looking for books and stories that have meaning and valuable lessons. The Trees Have Hearts, a colorful, heartwarming book, will not only capture a child’s imagination but also teach the true meaning of friendship and acceptance.
The story revolves around a young girl who moves to America. Unable to speak a new language, she tries to make new friends. Rejected by other children, the little girl feels sad and lonely. She lives in an old house with a small garden, where three garden trees and the mysterious wind become her first imaginary friends. Through the story, the garden friends develop a wonderful friendship with the growing girl, while teaching her how to make real friends and appreciate the beauty of nature. They help her to overcome her fears and worries and open a beautiful imaginary world. Readers are invited to share in the young girl’s fears, tears, and joys as she copes with difficult moments while adapting to her new home.
Poignant and imaginative, The Trees Have Hearts is beautifully illustrated by Juli Hasegawa. This story will easily find a spot in the reader’s heart. The rich storytelling and unforgettable characters add flavor to an already delightful story line. This book will open a surprising imaginary world as seen through the eyes of a child… 
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About the Author 
Olga D’Agostino was born in West Ukraine, where she finished business college and worked in the food industry. She immigrated to the USA with her two small daughters and for years worked in her own business. A nature and animal lover, she loves discovering new things about the world. She speaks several languages fluently, but never attempted writing in English. With the help of her husband and daughters, she overcame her fears and started writing children’s stories in English. Carlo the Mouse on Vacation was her first published book. A full series of books on “Carlo The Mouse” will follow shortly. She has a wonderful bond with her unpredictable cat, Nyda, whose actions taught her many survival skills and inspired her to write more children’s books. All her stories are fun to read. They have valuable lessons about the importance of family, friendship, love, self-acceptance, and new discoveries. She plans to publish these stories in the near future. 

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The Trees Have Hearts * by Mrs. D. IS MOM'S CHOICE AWARD WINNER

Amazon - ebook version
Publication Date - ebook version: March 31,2014 - 
Publication Date - print: February 27, 2012 
Picture ebook; $1.99  41 pages;ASIN:B00JRNOH62

Amazon - soft cover 
Picture Book; $21.99; 44 pages; 978-1-4691-3479-6

Xlibris Publishing - hard cover 
Picture Book Hardcover; $31.99; 44 pages; 978-1-4691-3480-2

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Trees Have Hearts – Multicultural Kid-Lit Review



The Trees Have Hearts – Multicultural Kid-Lit Review


The Trees Have Hearts #kidlit #review #multicultural A child new to this county is sad because she doesn't have friends.  The trees are her friends and they help her to mature, stand-out and finally feel comfortable to make new friends.  A touching story of moving to a new place, emersing oneself in a new langage and finding courage via @MrsDBooks

Title:  The Trees Have Hearts
Author: Mrs. D.
Illustrator: Juli Hasegawa
Year of publication: 2012
Ages: 6-10


This is a story of a little girl from an expat family.  She comes to new surroundings and doesn’t know the culture or the language.  She really misses her friends and her grandmother in her homeland.  As a result, she has a really hard time making friends.  The kids from school tease her and say she is a mute or is deaf.  The constant teasing makes her sad.
The little girl loves to sit in the beautiful mature garden in the back of her house.  She sits and plays by herself among Sassy, the magnolia tree, and her two sisters; Chance the plum-tree, and Shadow, the weeping cherry tree, while the gentle old wind gently breaths fresh air through the new spring blossoms.  In a fit of despair (missing her friends and family back home), the magnolia tree whisper to the little girl, “I will be your friend”  in the girls native language – and a new close and lasting friendship is forged.  The Trees Have Hearts is a picturesque story of the power of the imagination – and how her first friends helped her to cope with a difficult situation.  And also, through the imagination of a young girl, the caring trees not only help her to adapt to a new environment but help her blossom into the beautiful, caring and social young lady that she ultimately becomes.
The imagery in this book is breathtaking.  While this book is great if you are moving to a new area – and how sometimes it can be scary!  Young children will love reading this book of how to build friendships far away.
Motivational and inspirational, This book received the Mom’s Choice Award – which evaluates services and products created for children and families.


You can purchase The Trees Have Hearts on Amazon here.
From Lisa: I received books in exchange for an honest review.  Despite this, all the opinion stated herein are 100% my own.  There are affiliate links in this post.  If you click on a link and purchase an item, I will receive a small commission. 

Other Books by Mrs. D.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

You Can Learn A Lot From a Tree

Originally published in Walk 

Courtesy of Kellie
I spend quite a bit of my walking time observing trees as I navigate the forest, and I have come to realize I am learning a great deal from them. I feel fortunate trees are my teachers.

Trees have personalities.
Trees make the most of things. They react to their environment accordingly; they deal with their plight with ease. They lead a relatively balanced life based on the elements they receive from nature: sun, water, soil, wind, surrounding flora and fauna. If a tree receives more or less of something, it makes do.
Trees are supportive of one another.

Trees have developed a symbiotic relationship with each other; if one gets blown over, another will hold it between its heavy branches. If one gets lopped off at the top, another seems content to spread out its canopy and protect it. A sick tree will readily succumb to its providence thus producing food and shelter for the creatures of the forest; a weak tree will tip over creating humus for the forest floor, preparing fertile ground for another tree to plant itself.

Different types of trees cohabitate side by side without any issue at all.  Some trees in the forest are thin, others thick, there are spritely young trees and stout old trees, some show weakness, others remain strong; trees have a variety of textures, some are smooth, others coarse. Trees appear in a range of color: brown, red, gray, evergreen, white. Trees do not discriminate against one another. They exist quite peacefully within a multi-species community.
A tree can be: graceful, flexible, soft, yielding, asymmetric, curved, and bent. I imagine myself to be a tree, I am all of these things; the beauty of the tree is reflected back to me.
A tree is a mirror image of itself really: its roots plant, sprawl, connect and tap into Mother Earth, receiving Her primordial intelligence.
Its branches sprout, grow, intertwine and reach toward Father Sky, possessing His spiritual aptitude. A tree’s trunk is a conduit; it is the transducer of earthly knowledge and heavenly essence which is contained deep in its core.

A tree can be: giant, knotty, hard, bumpy, twisted and gnarly. Who hasn’t come across an ancient, massive tree with several branches missing from unavoidable circumstances, a hole in its center containing something mysterious, and felt its wisdom go straight to your heart? Trees have hearts. Sometimes they provide for us portals to their hearts that when we look into them, mirror back our own hearts.

Trees reach new heights, dance in the wind, lean on one another, crack open, break apart; sometimes trees fall. They can live with these conditions; they accept their destiny nobly.

You can learn a lot from a tree.