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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Have You Taught Your Children That Rules Are Set In Place To Keep Them Safe?

Carlo The Mouse Book 1: Too Many Rules for One Little Mouse




#kidlit #review Carlo The Mouse via @MRSDBOOKS teaches children that rules are set to keep them safe, and teaches parents that it's time to let go and allow our children to make a life of their own #literacy #picturebook

 Meet Young Carlo, a little mouse, with a great appetite, born and raised in basement walls of Great Florida Hospital.  Living next to the hospital kitchen, didn’t help Carlo’s growing appetite.  He dreamed and lived food (sound familiar?).  It was very difficult for mama and papa mouse to keep up with Carlo’s voracious appetite.  Papa mouse had to be very sneaky to elude hospital staff and dodge the many mousetraps in order to get enough food for Carlo.
All Carlo could think about was the hospital kitchen.  The thick aromas of international cuisine were so inviting.  Carlo imagined that the kitchen would be a great place to hang out, and he would dream of visiting far away places and tasting the delectable delicacies from every single country.  Because of his budding curiosity, young Carlo was anxious to leave the confines of the walls, head out to explore the world, and meet the great chef.  Understandably, this worried papa and mama mouse, because the world holds great danger for such a tiny mouse.  The head chef hates mice.   Can Carlo possible understand why mama and papa mouse set rules?  Will Carlo ever escape the walls to discover a better life?
This book gets to the heart of what it is to be a parent and a child, alike.  Carlos The Mouse Book 1:  Too Many Rules for One Little Mouse provides children a rare and fun look at why parents set rules and guidelines for their house, or why Heavenly Father (God) sets rules and guidelines for his people.  There is an emphasis that it’s not to punish, but to keep one safe from harm.  This book provides children a practical reason for (reasonable) rules that are set in place (i.e. Not running into the road, brushing teeth, or washing hands, or being respectful, etc).
It also teaches us parents something (Haha), and one reason why I just love this book.  It shows us that after we teach our children, that we have to “let go” and allow them to thrive and make it in the world – so that they can be their own people.  We cannot hang on, and dictate.  We must let go, and trust that they have learned, and can respect  “the rules” that were given -  and be okay.
Have you taught your children that rules are set in place to keep them safe?

You can purchase Carlo The Mouse Book 1: Too Many Rules for One Little Mouse on Amazon.

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