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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Yummy Books to Please Your Kiddo’s Appetite!

Who Is Most Important in the Fridge: Coloring Book for Kids 

These appetizing rhyming books came as an inspiration from a girl who was a very picky eater. Originally these three stories were part of the book “A Lost Baby Tooth.” But the fun I had writing them quickly shifted to the rhyming mood, and before I knew it, I had started the new series “WhoIs Most Important in the Fridge?” I really did not want to show the most important food, because in reality all food has some benefits if it is consumed in moderation. I just wanted children to have fun with funny characters that somehow always managed to create a mess inside the fridge.

The illustrator Chanoa was able to catch the mood of the stories and showed fruits and vegetables so juicy and alive that even fussy eaters will find it hard to resist the vibrantly colored assortment inside the fridge. These books are spiced with colorful items from the kitchen and fridge, and wisdom from each character, to teach healthy facts in a fun and playful way. Young readers will witness the debate between not-so- nutritious food and healthy food. 

Amusing turns and twists will keep them busy until dinnertime. At the end of each book there are a few healthy recipes for kids to try and a few extra fun pages to color. Each turn of the page will reveal mouthwatering foods that always disagree with each other. 

Read! Eat! Color! 

Story 1 

Story 2

Story 3