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Thursday, November 14, 2013

That Is How Things Are - A New Release from Mrs.D.


That Is How Things Are  (two connected stories, "The Autumn Wind" and "The Kitten and the Sparrow"

 Illustrated  by Chanoa 

"The Autumn Wind" - A moving story about the powerful wind and the peaceful garden, and how things change quickly when the autumn wind unleashes his power. 

Sketches of the characters

 "Whoooshhhhhh ... whooshhhhhh!" growled the wind from the sky, twirling like a white ghost with his long, silver hair.

Without asking him, the hasty Autumn had repainted the summer garden into one with many shades of golden orange.

Rustling in fear, the trees moved like a restless ocean, waving in the wind growing with their heavy branches

Frightened, the leaves trembled in the wind and clung to the branches. 

Just blooming yesterday, the autumn flowers which began shriveling up today, pressed to the ground by the powerful wind.

 "Cuuurlik ... cuuurrrrlikkk ..." cried the departing birds, shedding light their feathers in front of the foggy window. 

In no time, the golden autumn disappeared from the garden...

"The Kitten and the Sparrow " - A heartwarming story about friendship between a kitten and a sparrow, and how the little kitten learns about the power of nature.

Sketches of the characters

"What is winter?" asked the puzzled kitten, looking around the garden.

"You are a silly goose. The winter arrives just by itself. It appears after every autumn." The small sparrow laughed. 

The squirrel, feeling the ice-cold breeze blowing, grabbed the last acorns, which rolled under a yellow leaf. 

Autumn has left. Winter will be here soon ... 


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