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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Captain CROSSBONES in The Treasure Hunt by Victor Ramon Mojica

Victor Ramon Mojica has found a fun and different way of telling your children that they are your greatest treasure! In a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book, written in rhyme, and titled Captain Crossbones in The Treasure Hunt, Victor has woven an exciting adventure for hidden treasure that will delight you, along with its rhyming text and special message of love! Captain Crossbones in The Treasure Hunt is a book every parent, grandparent, teacher and guardian will want to read to their children, over and over again.

Mrs.D's thoughts…

Grab your pirate hat, because you are in for a laugh-out-loud fun read! A beautifully illustrated gem from the talented artist and author Victor Ramon Mojica.

I must admit I am a longtime fan of Mr. Mojica’s art. I read the series of children’s books Little Miss History, illustrated by this gifted artist, and they are adorable!

Most of us remember building sand castles and ships, pretending to sail through the dangerous ocean to deserted islands, guarding treasures and secrets. It felt great to be whisked away for a moment by a super-cool pirate, battling seas full of unpredictable adventures. We felt thrilled and excited when our imagination took us to deserted islands, protecting gold and gems, or wherever the journey led us. Mr. Mojica has captured the wonderful spirit of a pirate tale in his colorful children’s book, Captain Crossbones in the Treasure Hunt. He sets young readers off to the sea to solve the mystery of hidden treasure. The illustrations are vivid and fun and express everything a young child is yearning for—sailing on a cool ship and meeting intriguing pirates. The crew of Captain Crossbones is AWESOME! What follows the illustrations is a fantastic rhyming tale dedicated to all the children in the world. What could be better than that?

A wonderful book for young children and adults who are looking to spend quality time together and share fun and good laughter! A well-written, bouncy story with thoughtful, bright illustrations that will entertain and engage any age. I highly recommend this imaginative book for children who love adventure, pirates, and the sea. Bravo on engaging readers throughout the story with a brilliant ending, which made me feel special and cozy inside. A super-exciting treat for readers!


VICTOR RAMON MOJICA was born and raised in Manhattan, New York, but has lived in the Hudson Valley region since 1986 and now resides in Craryville, New York with his wife Barbara. He is an illustrator, cartoonist and writer with such works to his credit as the critically acclaimed, comic book series eugenus® ... The Next Step In Human Evolution!, which he created, wrote and illustrated. Victor has now written and illustrated his first children's book titled Captain Crossbones(™) in The Treasure Hunt, based on the comic strip appearing in The Columbia Insider, Pat Fisher and Ed Pollack, Publishers.

Volume I, “Captain CROSSBONES for LAUGHS” is a composite of cartoon strips, published between 2010 – 2012, in The Columbia Insider, Pat Fisher and Ed Pollack, Publishers. This is the most comprehensive collection of cartoons and character descriptions ever compiled so far on the Captain CROSSBONES comic strip. Read on and you well get to know The Captain of The Lunacy and his crew of boneheads as never before and chuckle a little, or a lot, along the way!