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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Mysteries, Clues, and Heart-pounding Adventure!

A missing horseshoe for a prize winning horse...a set of mysterious footprints...suspicious looking characters... Up against time, Sheriff Williker is called in to find the missing horseshoe for a prize winning horse before tomorrow's big race. Follow the Sheriff, as he unravels the clues to solve his first case. "The Case of the Missing Horseshoe" is a colorful picture book with adorable forest animals representing the towns' people. The reader will be introduced to Sheriff Williker, Mrs. Williker, Mr. Drexel (the town's blacksmith), and other lively characters throughout this new series of picture books. Each book will take you on a new adventure and every story has a moral. 

From Mrs.D:

Whenever I take my grandson to the library, I always look through the new books to see if something looks interesting that he may enjoy. “The Adventures of Sheriff Williker, Book 1: The Case of the Missing Horseshoe,” by Kim Hansen, is a book I was happy to read with Grayson. It has just enough of everything to keep him and me interested … a dash of mystery, excitement, adventure, and a touch of goofiness to give it great kid appeal. A real treat!

Making this book even more fantastic is the bold artwork that the author created. A trace of the mystery could be seen in each character, including two bandits—raccoons, with which I have a special relationship. I could not get those night-snacking thieves out of my attic for months. With each clue, we come closer to finding out who stole the horseshoe.

This new book was our favorite for sure! Reading the synopsis, I knew the book sounded interesting, but it turned out to be an absolute treasure. We devoured it in a matter of a half hour and were very sad to see the end of it. Good thing this is the author's first book, and there are a few more books for us to discover.

If you are a teacher, parent, or grandparent, this book can really pack a punch. As a grandma I kept thinking what a great book to use for teaching children about compassion, forgiveness, and kindness, because in the end of the book two “bad guys” are offered a good job, home, and meals.

I cannot imagine a better way to kick off the winter reading season! This book is perfect for any future detective. It is an adventure chock-full of fun action, smart animals, and some drama. It will make your child want to turn the page and read the next book. We really enjoyed the characters, settings, and clues!

Kim Hansen is an Amazon bestselling author/writer/illustrator of THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER, a new series of children's picture books, ages 4 to 8. Kim believes every child should be read to. THE AUTHOR’S INSPIRATION BEHIND THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER: The Adventures of Sheriff Williker was inspired by Kim's childhood memories growing up in a small lake community in northwest Iowa. She named the sheriff after a saying her mom often said, ‘gee whiz willikers!’ Kim’s grandparents lived in the quaint town of Superior, Iowa. They had strong family values and were the picture perfect ‘Norman Rockwell’ grandparents. In their spare time, they loved to garden and fish—grandpa in his overalls— grandma in her apron. Her grandpa was a U.S. Marshal and the town's sheriff. Her grandma was a cook at the local school and known as the town’s ‘doctor.’ Kim would sit and listen for hours in amazement at the stories they would tell her of the early days. Her grandma would say… "long before there were automobiles our mode of transportation was a horse and buggy—a kerosene lamp lit our way." Her grandma made house calls to deliver babies—many times traveling in freezing temperatures through snowdrifts. When Kim was sick, her grandma would make her feel better by giving Kim one of her homemade remedies—warm lemon juice, honey—and lots of love! Kim is also a talented artist/muralist. She owns and operates JK Hansen Studios, f/k/a Custom Murals & Designs. Her work has been showcased throughout Colorado, Florida, and Arizona. In 2009, Kim became involved in true crime book projects as an investigative researcher with self-published bestselling authors, Sherrie Lueder, John Hansen, Jill Hansen Smith, and Tyson Wrensch. Both books, "He Killed Our Janny" and "Until Someone Gets Hurt,” have won numerous awards and international bestsellers. The literary team has appeared as guests on numerous radio shows and television, including INVESTIGATIVE DISCOVERY’S ‘Forbidden’ and ‘A Stranger in My Home.’ In January 2014—combining her talents as an investigative researcher and muralist—Kim set out to accomplish her dream of writing and illustrating a series of children's picture books, THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER. In the spring of 2014, she self-published book no. 1,'The Case of the Missing Horseshoe," in both English and Spanish editions, and became bestsellers on Amazon Top 100 Books [Large Print] Children’s Books, and #2 in Hot New Releases in Children’s Books.

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