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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Inspiring Message For Any Age

Catori has all the odds stacked against her: a loner with mismatched eyes who hates school and just about everybody who goes there. Her ability to see things nobody else does makes her an oddball at school. She accidently boards the wrong bus to school one morning and is transported to a strange parallel world. There’s no way back for her; the bus she boarded doesn't do return trips and she has to figure out her own way back. She discovers that the evil forces over-running this parallel world are tracking her down and have no intention of letting her go home alive. 

Trusting strangers doesn't come easy to her, but her only hope of escaping her hunters is to follow Miren, a girl she encounters in the public restrooms. They manage to reach a secluded wood where Catori meets up with Otsoa, the only boy who has ever made her feel like she was worthy of love. She must fight another intense battle – she must choose between her loyalty to her friend Miren and her infatuation for Otsoa, the handsome, would-be rock star. The evil forces have zeroed in on them and Catori must fight for her life. What chance does a lone fifteen-year-old girl have to confront those powerful forces? Does she bow to their evil scheme of taking over planet Earth or does she fight them to her last breath? 


Format:Kindle Edition
Catori’s Worlds is one of those inspiring books that pull readers into a mysterious world from the first page. The author takes readers on a thrilling journey of a solitary girl, who is different from other children in her school. Just like other teenagers, Catori is looking for love, acceptance, and friendship. Rejected, she doubts her self-worth. She is also dealing with family issues, while feeling isolated and lost. However, our heroine has an unusual ability. Unlike other children, she can see another world. Intriguing, but at the same time dangerous and unknown.

As she deals with her problems, Catori often feels lonely and sad. One day everything changes. Abducted by aliens from her bus, she travels through time to worlds filled with foreign life and people she does not trust. When she finds herself in a place where evil rules the world, she must fight for her life. Unfamiliar with her new surroundings, Catori puts her fate into the hands of people she hardly knows. For the first time, she learns to trust. With the help of others, she quickly takes her destiny into her own hands. Trying to make sense of the captivating world around her, she also learns about the true meaning of friendship, self-worth, and finally finds the love she has always craved.

The author quickly lures the reader into the fascinating world of a brave girl fighting evil with the only weapons she has, her honesty, faith, and belief in good. Through her journey, Catori teaches us many things: trust in others, have faith, and have confidence in oneself. If you have confidence, other people will believe in you too, and accept you for who you are.

As she portrays great events and scenes, Murielle Cyr shows young people that everything is possible if you put your mind to it. I would recommend this book for any age. It is written in a smooth and simple language that every reader would enjoy. A great story, which will teach young readers to overcome obstacles and difficulties they may face. Murielle Cyr proves that a story can have a strong moral message and still be a page-turner. Well done!