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Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Publish an E-Book: Resources for Authors

Published in Jane Friedman Blog

How to Publish an E-Book: Resources for Authors

E-Book Publishing 101
About the only thing that remains constant in e-book publishing is that it changes—everything from the services to marketing strategies. Here, I’ve attempted to round-up all the good resources I know of related to (1) how to publish an e-book, (2) finding the right e-publishing services, and (3) staying on top of changes in the industry.
I update this list periodically, and welcome suggestions on new resources to include. (Last update: March 12, 2014)

Excellent Book-Length Guides

Getting Started & Principles

Sales, Marketing, and Promotion

Reviews & Review Sites

Creating & Formatting E-Books (Technical Stuff)

Tools for Creating Enhanced, Multimedia, or Full-Color E-Books

  • Apple iBooks Authorwill limit you to Apple iBookstore, but the software is free
  • Vook: create and distribute an enhanced (multimedia e-books) to most platforms and devices
  • Blurb: great for producing print + digital full-color books; distributes to Apple platforms
  • Book CreatoriPad app for illustrated books, great for children’s authors
  • AerBook Maker
  • Creativist

Major E-Book Retailers

Note: for reviews and insight into all of these retailers and more, read the reviews at The Independent Publishing Magazine by Mick Rooney

Major E-Book Distributors & Services

Note: for reviews and insight into all of these retailers and more, read the reviews at The Independent Publishing Magazine by Mick Rooney
  • Smashwords. Authors often use Amazon KDP, then add Smashwords to hit all the other retailers.
  • BookBaby. Similar to Smashwords, but they offer a variety of reasonably priced packages and services. If you pay for a premium package upfront, you’ll receive 100% of net sales. You can also use the service for free if you give BookBaby 15% of net sales, similar to Smashwords.
  • eBookPartnership. Compare with above two services and see which fits your needs best.
  • There are other major e-book distributors available if you work with your agent or have a minimum number of titles, such as Argo Navis and INscribe Digital.

Authors Who Blog About E-Book Publishing

News & Trends About E-Book Publishing

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