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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Writing for Young Readers

By Becky Scarberry

After writing and self-publishing in four different genres for all age groups, I'd have to say that writing for age four through twelve is the easiest.

After I'd written most of Messages from Henry (a young adult novella about a homing pigeon), I wanted young people to read it. I met them at a local library. I sat in the area where the computers are public, while doing some research. I asked them to tell me if they liked the story and what they would like to happen next to Henry to save his owner's life. They were thrilled to help me and I'm still friends with many of them today. I got all the feedback I needed and it was great! The hardest part for me was writing this in present tense, but many reviewers say they love it that I did. With over one hundred rave reviews (on Amazon and Goodreads ... not counting Smashwords - prior to unpublishing it there), I'd have to say meeting young people at the library and getting their help was a great idea.

In 2013 I DECIDED to write Jumper. It's written to be read to children age four to seven, but eight year olds can read it. Jumper is a big red beach ball, telling about his adventures after escaping from a toy store bin. Writing this took me by surprise. I never imagined I'd write any book where I pretend to be a ball, but it's a lot of fun.
There are many young children living on surrounding farms and I know them all. After I'd finished writing Jumper and had it illustrated, I gave copies of the unpublished book (with the illustrations slipped into the pdf file copy) to these children. They loved it and many parents and grandparents bought the paperback book once I published it. Prior to publication I also emailed the book to some bookworms I'd met online, authors, and relatives. There was only one person that came back with negative feedback. She's an author and she'd just finished a course re: writing for children.

I never really planned to write a series of Jumper books, but so many of the children read it that want to know if he'll be okay and what he'll do next. One young mother told me that Jumper games boys want to be made ​​into a TV series like Sponge Bob. I might pursue this once the series is complete. I'd like for Disney to make it into a movie, but I'm not going to get my hopes up that high. I'm also being told that children are taking Jumper to school for 'show and tell'.

I'll be self-publishing Jumper Bounces Back this February. Like Jumper, it will be in E-book format and paperback.   I'm currently writing the third book in the series Jumper and I might call it Jumper Takes Flight . I plan to have my little friends at the local library read my work in progress real soon.

From Rebecca: (I have self-published four books in four different genres: Messages from Henry (a young adult mystery), Rag Doll (a crime drama short story), Jumper (a children's picture book), Where Love Takes You (romance sequel to Messages from Henry). All sold on Amazon.

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