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A Beautiful Tribute From My Fans

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What Can Be More Promising Then See Our Children Reading

WOW! Christmas in August!

Heartwarming reviews of The City and the Old Kittens Cat House, Carlo the Mouse on Vacation and The Trees Have Hearts! Reviewed by my wonderful fans from Moscow, Olly Guseva and her sons Vladimir and Serozha.

Dear Mrs. D!
 One day, looking on Amazon for children's books for my son, I spotted your book Carlo the Mouse on Vacation. A beautifully illustrated cover caught my eye immediately. I purchased your book for my younger son and since then this book became part of our children's library. Now, all your awesome heroes live in our home! My son's admiration for this book made me write this note. I just want you to know, he absolutely ADORES the daring mouse, the main character from your first book, Carlo the Mouse on Vacation. Another day he said, "Mom, let's buy a cat like Mrs. D. has, and call her Nyda!" Your book is only 44 pages, but it filled our lives with joy and fun. Reading your story, we closely related to Carlo and kept him company throughout the book, providing 'moral support' when the adventurous mouse got  himself in trouble. On the end of the story, we had a feeling as if the little mouse became our friend. I found that your books are interesting not only for children, but they are very enjoyable read for parents as well. It is hard to believe, but I never lost desire to read children's books. Carlo's funny story completely drew me in and made me laugh many times. I can not wait to read your second book The Trees Have Hearts. I hope it will reach our home soon. I actually ordered this book for myself!

 Dear Mrs. D 
I would like to thank you for not giving up on your writing and not let your talent to slip away! We are delighted to be your new fans and are impatiently waiting for release of your new books. Please write faster, because we need your stories. We are always happy to see your familiar smile on the coves of your new books. Thank you again for your amazing work, which brings joy and smiles to readers home. We wish you success, endless energy and simple happiness. We love your books! Sorry for my English ... I hope you understand ...


Dear Mrs. D !!!

All your books are marvelous and unique. Carlo the Mouse on vacation is a funny, wonderful adventures of the little mouse. The Trees Have Hearts is a touching, beautiful story of friendship, loyalty and mutual support. What about The City Kittens and the Old House Cat? This story will not leave indifferent any child or adult, and will give a lot of positive emotions. Christmas atmosphere gives a feeling of a holiday, and the holiday is always a joy for kids and parents. Smart tricky Nyda the cat puts a smile on children's faces, at the same time, the appearance of two funny naughty kittens make us worry about her. Reading this book, we experience full range of feelings from despair to tears of joy. This is an amazing story about kindness. Here, human kindness shown through love for animals. Kind heart of the girls solved destiny of homeless cats and her unhappy kittens. This is a great lesson for our kids: no one can be a kind person who is cruel to animals. Stunning illustrations heighten the sense of the reality of the events described in the book. And maybe it's real, this kind story with a happy ending? :))
You are amazing, Mrs. D ! Love and Hugs !!



Dear Mrs. D !! I have read The Trees Have Hearts !!

A real life fairytale, which stays in readers' hearts forever!
Marvelous book! Beautiful illustrations! An amazing story about a little girl and her imaginary friends, three caring trees and joyful old wind. This sweet children’s book charms readers' hearts from the first page and does not let go until the last word. My children and I were completely plunged into the magical world of the imaginary characters, providing a great deal of love and comfort for any age.  Full of kindness and compassion, the story carries many good lessons for children and parents. It reaches the minds in a very gentle way, while teaching great morals about the true meaning of friendship, doubt and trust, self- acceptance and confidence. It gets to the root of the smallest problems and makes readers think about their choices and behavior. Before I knew it, the little girl and her friends became my friends, encouraging me to believe in the beauty and wisdom of nature. It is well known fact that the trees have a healing power and ability to console hurt souls. They are teaching us how to approach things differently and how to look at the world with open eyes. 
The soothing colorful illustrations, added warm feeling to this brilliant fairytale. They made this book accessible to much younger readers who cannot read on their own yet.  Who cannot remain unmoved to the loving Chance, beautiful Sassy and shy Shadow, so tenderly described throughout the story? Who cannot fall in love with the charming Old Wind, strong and thoughtful, but at the same time silly like a kid?  These lovely characters represent real friends, who cared, loved, laughed, cried and cheered when things are happy or tough, discouraging or sad. Just like true friends, they supported and encouraged moving on.  Their hearts are filled with kindness and sweetness, understanding and knowledge, compassion and love. It was impossible not to be blown away by their good-nature personalities, always alert and ready to help. Smart, courageous, and fun, they made this story believable and irresistible.  This read feels like a real life story. I am sure this story has some close connection to Mrs. D’s life when she moved to a new country. It feels very realistic and written from the point of a mother who deeply cares about children’s issues in this modern and unpredictable world. No doubt in my mind that  this book will help children to overcome many uncertainties, fears, loneliness and surely will guide children through old and new friendships.  I can endlessly talk about this delightful book, but I know it is not necessary because each reader will discover the wisdom of this story once they read The Trees Have Hearts. I can honestly say that this heartfelt tale is one of these beloved stories, which stays in readers' hearts forever. My undying gratitude to you, Mrs. D, and your wonderful art! I could hardly hold back tears at the end of this story, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. 
P.S. This is that moment when I sincerely regret about my poor English. Hugs and love from your fans from Moscow~ :)) 



An amazing journey into the wonderful world of kind, happy and cheerful characters!

Finally our dream came true and the Mouse Carlo arrived to Moscow! Last night, the deliveryman knocked on our door and delivered Carlo The Mouse on Vacation, a children's book written by Mrs.D, which we ordered on Amazon. With excitement, I read this book in one sitting on the same night. I was delighted to meet Carlo the mouse, Mr. & Mrs. D and their charming Nydam the cat, Who ate all fish from neighbor's pond. Impressed with amusing characters, I read it to the end and could hardly wait to share this book with my son in the morning. Next day, reading this book to Serozha, we laughed at Carlo's unexpected adventures, especially when the careless mouse lost his clothes by the lake and borrowed a few feathers form Rooster Ross to make his pants. Dear Mrs. D! You said that Carlo the Mouse on Vacation is a story for children and parents. Indeed it is! Reading it, we had a great time. It was an amazing journey into the magical world of sweet, joyful and positive characters! Every moment we spent with the adventurous mouse was new and fun experience. The funny mouse took us on an amazing trip and entertained us with his funny adventures and misadventures. He made us laugh through the last page. This book has the potential to become one of our favorite books! My son said, "This is a real funny book, Mom! Please tell Mrs. D big thanks from me." Now, we are looking forward to reading all the books on Carlo Mouse and your new books, which we already ordered on Amazon! We love Carlo The Mouse and you, Mrs.D! Please excuse my English! I hope you understand. Please accept our warm wishes and best thanks for your great art!




Words are not enough to thank my dear readers for writing such wonderful comments about my work. I am humbled and at the same time thrilled to find new fans far away from the USA, who admire my children's books. I am delighted and proud to share these comments with my readers. Ms. Guseva was so worried about her grammar, but words from her heart count the most. Thank you so much for your kind words about my work. I am honored. ... 
Best wishes Mrs. D.