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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The best and most basic resources for writers

Essential Online Resources

Absolutewrite is one of the best and most basic resources for writers. It’s an online magazine for beginning writers and professional writers. They cover fiction, nonfiction, screenwriting, freelance writing, novels, playwriting, and other genres.

The American Society of Journalists and Authors is the largest national organization for freelance nonfiction authors.

The Book Market is a great website that offers free information on book marketing. There’s a lot to look through here, and some of it is shameless advertising, but the website is still a great resource.

The Christian Writers Fellowship International is a Christian-based writing support organization. Yearly membership dues are $45.

Patricia Fry is a successful self-published writer and her website and blog are a goldmine of free information for authors looking to self-publish. She is also a successful editor and offers freelance writing and promotion services. Her blog is one of the best free resources on the web for self-published authors.

This is Aaron Shepard’s publishing page. Make sure you visit his website if you are even THINKING about publishing with LightningSource.

The Independent Book Publishers Association (formerly PMA) is an organization open to self-published authors and independents. There’s a lot of information about book marketing on this website.

Publishers Marketplace provides membership information for publishing professionals and provides web pages for writers and agents to promote themselves.

This is Nick Russell’s informational website for self-published authors. There’s a lot of great information here.

This is Marilyn and Tom Ross’s website. They are the authors of various popular books on self-publishing, including The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing. Go to the “free resources” tab, and check out the good information there.

Writer Beware is the public face of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America's Committee on Writing Scams. This is a great resource for self-published writers who are trying to avoid getting taken for a ride! It includes lots of information about vanity publishers.

The Small Publisher’s Association of North America (SPAN) is a non-profit organization for small publishers. There’s great information for start-ups. SPAN gives partner discounts when you join if you already belong to a partner organization (like SPAWN).

The Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network provides opportunities for everyone involved in publishing. Their site offers information on writing and publishing. It also offers links to research sources, publishers, printers, and the media.

The Writer Watchdog website and Writer Watchdog Self-Publishing Directory is a great resource for authors.

This is a great resource on writing and publishing, with thousands of pages dedicated to writing, publishing, and promotion.