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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Help Readers Discover Your Books on Amazon

Help Readers Discover Your Books on Amazon

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If you want to sell more books worldwide, readers must first be able to find them. With millions of books published each year, how can you increase your title's chances of success?

The following simple steps can improve your title's discoverability on,,,, and, all available by enrolling your titles in free Amazon Europe distribution via your CreateSpace member dashboard. These tips are applicable not only to Amazon's European channels, but also to, so read on to discover ways you can help drive more traffic to your books both in the U.S. and internationally.

The Discoverability Trifecta

To help improve the discoverability of your books, start by focusing on three main areas:

  1. Getting the basics right with the relevancy and quality of the data you provide
  2. Ensuring your Amazon Author Pages are claimed and used on and each of its European websites 
  3. Using social networking and Amazon Associates programs on and each of its European channels to help drive traffic

These three things will help you get the most out of your book's listings on and Amazon's European websites.

Get the Basics Right

Ensuring that all the relevant background data - or metadata - is complete and accurate when you submit your title is a great way to give your book the best start at attracting an audience. Concentrate on the following areas:

  • Short Description - Providing a complete and relevant product description will give customers visibility and clarity about what a book is about. When writing the description, imagine you're the customer: what information is most important and meaningful and will help you make that buying decision? Keep things simple, and keep them relevant.

  • BIC and BISAC Subject Codes - Knowing the correct BIC and BISAC codes for your titles will help the Amazon team categorize them correctly onsite and will help customers find your titles when they're browsing. Don't just choose the high level code; dig a little deeper and make that classification as relevant as possible. For example, a book classified as "Fiction / Romance / Historical" would more easily be found by an interested reader in that genre than a book simply listed as "Fiction."

  • Keywords - Accurate keywords can make it easier for your customers to find your book. These are a great opportunity for you to associate the right words or search terms with your book, even if they're not included in the title or the subject codes. Keywords should be authentic, applicable, and relevant to maximize their utility. You can add 5, but you might not need that many; don't be tempted to use them all just because you can, because relevancy is the most important factor here. You can do this when you add additional information in the "Distribute" section when you're setting up a title. There is no need to repeat existing information like title, author name, or ISBN in your keywords.

Amazon Author Pages

Amazon Author Pages are a great way to keep your readers up to date about you and your work. You can create your Author Pages on and many of its European websites though Amazon Author Central. You must create a separate Author Page on each of the websites you want to appear. You can sign up for your Amazon Author Pages at each of the following sites:

On your Author Pages, provide a concise and meaningful author biography to help your readers get to know you. You can also upload a photograph and videos, add your Twitter handle, and even highlight events you may be attending. Author Pages also bring together all of your work as an author in one place, which helps customers discover more of your books. Use Amazon Author Pages to make a direct connection with your audience.

Associate Pages and Social Networking

As an independent author, it's up to you to be your own biggest advocate. You can harness the power of social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter to reach international audiences and drive traffic to your Amazon detail pages or Author Pages on and each European channel.

As well as driving sales for your books, you can also take advantage of Amazon Associates programs. The programs enable you to easily create links from your website or social networking pages to an Amazon product page; you earn advertising fees based on the revenue generated as a result of these links. Since Amazon has Associates programs in each of its European channels, you can drive your book marketing traffic to these stores based on the specific audience you're targeting. To find out more, visit Amazon Associates on,, and

Taking advantage of each of the three areas described above will give your book a better chance of being noticed and purchased by readers. By enabling and using the tools available to you on and each of its European websites, you'll be better positioned to reach your goals and achieve international indie success.

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Good Morning, World!

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