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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

6 Websites for Free Children's Books for the iPad

This guest post is contributed by Jason Miner 

For those who own iPads, encouraging your child to read is much easier than it was in the past. Readable materials can be downloaded and accessed from a single device covering a wide range of titles. With the storage space available on the iPad, an entire library can be accumulated from free websites for children to enjoy.

1. - With more than 600 apps for the iPad, has a good selection of free picture books for children. It's also a location where you can buy others as well, but with enough free content to make the visit worth investigating.

2. - Not only can you download free eBooks for your iPad at, you are also able to create your own books for distribution. This site will even assist you in getting an ISBN number for use with iTunes.

3. Scribble Press - The iPad app Scribble Press is a free download that allows children to illustrate and create his or her own story. With 50 story templates to choose from and over 500 tools for drawing, children can create a variety of stories to share with others around the world.

4. - This is a small collection of interactive books available to download on iTunes., you are able to check out featured apps and kids games as well as books.

5. - At, there is a small variety of children's eBooks available in the epub format that you can read on your iPad. Among text-based books, many of these are picture and song books as well.

6. Make Your Own - A great site to find out more information about creating your own iPad books for free You are able to create your book for free; however, once it is ready to publish, there is a $150 fee plus you get 50% of the commissions. The price may sound pretty steep, but it may be a profitable way to see your iPad books on the market.
Thanks to tablets such as the iPad, tens of thousands of books are available at your fingertips. Many of these works are free to download and enjoy at your leisure. Reading is a fact of life and your children will love using the iPad to do so.

Author Bio:
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