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Friday, July 27, 2012

Top 25 Tech Moms - 2012.

Are you a tech-savvy mom?

Mom's passionate about everything from gadgets and electronics to Internet technologies and social media.

1. The iMum

The Australian-based blog ‘The iMum' is an exciting new family-friendly website run by four mothers from around the world dedicated to reviewing the best iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac apps for kids.
by Amanda, Grace, Mary & Alison - The iMums

2. Mompreneur Mogul

Featured on Yahoo! with over 40 million viewers, Author of Get Famous Most Amazing Mom Bloggers Resource On The Planet. You CAN blog your way to a brighter future Get paid inspire increase your traffic visit my blog come see how. Blog, Breathe, Be Amazing
by Lisa Cash Hanson

3. Digital Storytime

A series of 4 review sites for 100s of digital book recommendations from a mom & educator. Includes iPad, Kindle, Nook & Android book app reviews. Also includes daily deals on the best iOS kids apps and the blog, The Digital Media Diet.
by Carisa Kluver

4. Digital Mom Blog

Digital Mom Blog is your hub to the latest in technology, geekery, parenting and being a mom. Be in the know and connect with us at!
by @DigitalMolly

5. Annie Fox's Blog

Thoughts about t(w)eens, parenting and this crazy adventure of living on Earth in the 21st century. I'm especially focused on ways we parents, our kids' most influential teachers, can help them develop into good people. We need more good people, right?
by Annie Fox

6. The iPhone Mom

I review apps for anyone looking to tap into the practical, personal or parenting potential of their iPad, iPod or iPhone. I also feature how-to tips, tech accessory reviews and a movie review now and again.
by Heather Leister

7. Mobile Evolution

I'm a mom of three who runs an iPhone/iPad app development company with my husband. I blog about business topics and other tech subjects related the evolving mobile space, which are helpful for my fellow developers and give a behind the scenes peek.
by Justine Pratt

8. Trending Mom

The Imperfectly Perfect Parent. Trending Mom is about following your own trends. I am a mother, wife, geekette, technology fanatic, reader, writer and humanitarian. I recently started writing for The Daily Glow and more.
by Trending Mom

9. Cybermum McAfee India

Like any other Mom,I want to make sure that my kids are safe both in the real & virtual world. This led me to think about other kids as well. So I joined McAfee's campaign to keep Indian kids safe online by spreading awareness on cyber threats
by Anindita Mishra

10. The Suburban Diary

Life is fun, fabulous, rewarding, and challenging. Welcome to my discoveries of fashion, family, home, garden, traveling in Texas! Enjoy The Diary as you wish, take everything with a grain of salt, remember what is necessary, and make everything your own.
by Emily Arnim

11. Porridge Report

A blog about the sometimes explosive, sometimes rewarding, and always engaging effect of digital media on the modern family. Anecdotes, tips, and current tech news to help parents tackle that ever-present family member – the screen.
by Danielle Bileski

12. Think Bigger and Act Bolder

A tech-savvy mom who focuses on coaching high-tech leaders and professionals to leverage their time, multiply their capacity to get things done, and focus on driving strategies with big impact. Let your success soar at work and get a life too!
by Anne Raymond - Your High-Tech Coach

13. The Safety Chronicles

We're wives, daugters, friends and moms. Above all we're caregivers to at least one person. I'm sharing my life experiences and offering advice on keeping everyone in the family happy, safe and sane.
by Alison Rhodes


242 Votes

Voted is a tech blog owned by Kris Cain. She is a busy mom to two sets of twins who posts about gadgets, social media, technology, online safety, and anything else tech related!
by Kris Cain

15. The Well Connected Mom

Are you an over scheduled mom with little time to figure out technology? Or are you a technology guru who loves sharing tips with others? We cover different ways to make technology work for you without spending hours researching and learning how to do it on your own.
by Lori Cunningham

16. Scraps of my Geek Life

Scraps of My Geek Life, a tech mom blog offering daily commentary, advice, reviews and shared experiences of how Michele McGraw's real life and the digital domain connect. Michele shows families how to use technology to enhance their lives.
by Michele McGraw

17. Modern Muse

Web & blog design inspiration for girls at heart. Social networking, tech news, tutorials, & blogging tips to help female creatives stay relevant in today's market. I love what I do because I get to learn something new every day. Come join me!
by Kenitha White

18. The Family Coach

Lynne Kenney, Psy.D., is a mother of two, a practicing pediatric psychologist in Scottsdale, AZ, and author of The Family Coach Method (St Lynn’s Press, Sept 2009). Dr. Lynne values family, sports, cooking, math, art and education.
by Dr. Lynne Kenney

19. geekmummy

Tech-loving, geeky wife to one and mother of two (one pre-schooler, one toddler) writing about living life as a high-tech family. I love gadgets, gizmos and apps.
by Ruth Arnold (@geekmummy)

20. Tech Savvy Mama

Tech Savvy Mama assists parents in navigating the ever-changing world of technology. Leticia Barr uses her experience as a former teacher and technology specialist for a large DC Metro area school system to share new technology and educational resources.
by Leticia Barr

21. Sneaky Momma Blog Design

Sneaky Momma Blog Design is full of free, easy to understand blog tips for bloggers at all levels of expertise. It is a must-have resource for beginning and DIY bloggers!
by Jill

22. Tech Tools 4 Mom

Bringing moms the hottest, coolest, and sometimes unheard of iOS app reviews. Helping moms use their iPhone and iPad to make their lives easier, more organized, and lots more fun.
by Tina Zucker

23. Imagination Soup

Playful ideas to make learning fun for children, ages 3 - 10.
by Melissa Taylor

24. Upgrade Your LIfe

Upgrade Your Life provides simple solutions to high tech problems. I'm a mom of 4-year old twins and the host, writer, and executive producer of the series. We shoot the video portion of the show in my kitchen and I sneak my kids in for cameos often.
by Becky Worley

25. The Nerd's Wife

A blog about Life, Love and the Final Frontier. I'm a mom to a brand-new baby boy and I write about the exploits of my nerdy family, technology that I find interesting, photography and social media. Fun, right!?
by Arena Blake

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