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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

THE TREES HAVE HEARTS- Book Excerpt and Sketches


Book Excerpt

Sitting on the doorstep, the lonely little girl looked at the blossoming garden. After filling thirsty trees with fresh water, the short afternoon rain finally stopped. The warm spring storm dragged rain clouds behind the horizon and disappeared, leaving a clear blue sky. Quietly rustling with new green leaves, the garden trees, ready to bloom any minute, opened up their half-closed buds to the warm sun. The green branches, tossed in the soft breeze, were bursting with beautiful flowers, sparkling with crystal raindrops, lit by the dancing sunrays. The blossoming trees attracted noisy bees and colorful butterflies, trying to land inside their open flowers. The playful Old Wind gently breathed, wandering inside the curly crowns of the young trees. Playing day and night with their newborn flowers, he spread honey-scented blossoms through the small garden. Spring was in full bloom!

The three blooming trees were returning to life after the long harsh winter. There was Sassy, the beautiful magnolia, and two sisters, Shadow, the weeping cherry tree and Chance, the plum tree. Planted by caring people in the old garden many years ago, they grew in one group by the wide window. The garden trees bloomed every spring in front of the small house, giving joy to many people who walked by.

One day, a little girl moved to the small house from a different country. Unable to speak the new language, she could not play outside with the other children. Peering through the fence at the busy street, she wished that she could talk to the kids and play with them as she used to in her old country. Often teased and called a mute in school, she was too shy to talk...

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Follow the delightful story of a little girl who discovers the real meaning of friendship in The Trees Have Hearts.
ISBN 13 (SOFT): 978-1-4691-3479-6
ISBN 13 (HARD): 978-1-4691-3480-2

The Trees Have Hearts have been published and is available as ebooks  on most e-devices. To download e-book please go to:

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