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A Beautiful Tribute From My Fans

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Rich Tribute To Both Seasons: Coloring Book

That Is How Things Are: Coloring & Activity Book for Kids

After you finish reading or coloring this lavishly illustrated children’s book, please go outside and explore the sounds, sights, and feelings of the four seasons. It may not be the end of autumn or the beginning of winter, or the first sign of spring or sudden summer heat waves. But if it’s the fall transition, when the sky is gray and the leaves are painted in colors of yellow and red, and all it takes is one gust of the powerful wind to change nature from golden to white, don’t miss this theatrical stage.

That Is How Things Are” features repetition and resonance to introduce basic language concepts. Chanoa’s expressive artwork illuminates the transformation from colorful autumn to a gloomy pre-winter stage. A rich tribute to both seasons: a fall with blazing colors and the darker symbols of coming winter. Be sure to get young explorers outside into the cold to see the departing autumn with its disappearing leaves.

I hope you had fun coloring this book and enjoyed some activities as you set out on adventures with the powerful wind, the courageous yellow leaf, and the curious young kitten. I would be delighted if (with their parents’ permission) young artists and readers would send me their coloring pages and stories so I could see their vision too. You can scan the colored pages and then email them to I will gladly post them on my blog at Mrs.D.Books. Keep reading and coloring!

Thursday, May 31, 2018


Closing Words 

Memories of my children have always been my golden treasures when I write children’s stories. Every time I dig out some event from my children’s childhood, I discover something new, something I did not see in the past, something I overlooked. Now I can honestly say that over the years, the best lessons I learned were the ones that my children taught me. These lessons helped me to raise my girls into determined and ambitious young women, and I hope they will help other parents too.

Writing “Runaway Clothes,I saw a great opportunity to help families learn how to deal with an issue that drives every parent crazy. Going back in time, I always analyze my behavior and reactions that taught my children and me great lessons. Now, looking back on their mischievous misbehavior and the rules I tried to apply, I see things that I wish I had done differently. Like many parents, I naively thought I would have perfect children, just as I saw on the front page of parenting magazines—happy, smart, and well-behaved. The reality proved me wrong. There is no perfect child or parent. Parents and children learn from each other on a daily basis. Raising my girls, I learned that not every rule is written in stone, and that sometimes, unplanned lessons are the best teachers.

The older I get, the more memories I collect. Some of them vanish with time, but some never leave. Happy or sad, funny or disappointing, they are part of my life and my stories. With age, I grew wiser and looked at things differently. The stuff that once drove me crazy and seemed so important then, appears funny now. As my grandfather would say, learn as you live.
I recommend “Runaway Clothes” to school classrooms, library circles, and parents who wish to read a lovely tale with a moral about taking care of our belongings, to children ages 5 to 10.

COLOR ON and READ A LOT! And of course do not forget to clean your room, kids. Remember, clothes have feelings also!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Perfect Tool to Teach the Power and Diversity of Friendship

Judge’s Commentary: 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards 

In The Trees Have Hearts, the author has created a beautiful world where the environment is alive and three trees with a lot of character make friends with a lonely girl. The author did an excellent job of pacing in this story. It's sweet and moves along slowly, but deliberately, as the author creates a story of loneliness, newfound friends, confidence, fear, loss and finally acceptance. The illustrations are beautiful and really make the story come to life.

The author has created her own universe in this book. It's set in reality, but the trees come alive (have hearts), which the reader is willing to accept because you want the little girl to make friends. And the element of fantasy is believable in that context. Even Old Wind, because he's part of the environment, plays an important role and allows the author to help the reader see where otherwise we wouldn't be able to go. 

The book wraps up beautifully with a seed planting as the little girl accepts that she's received what she needed from her tree friends. The author should be proud to have published such a beautiful book!

Look inside!

Thank you~

Friday, April 6, 2018

Baby from the Moon

Review of "Baby from the Moon"

Ukrainian born New Jersey author Olga D’Agostino (who elects to use the moniker Mrs. D. for her books) has published over twenty award-winning children’s books She lives in Smithville, NJ, with her husband, Patrick with their four children and four grandchildren. Her unpredictable calico cat, Nyda, has been the inspiration for many of her stories.

In this charming BABY FROM THE MOON, beautifully illustrated by Julia Gabrielov, Mrs. D. offers a fantasy about Baby G who before his birth searches for a mommy in his dreams. ‘Once upon a time tiny Baby G lived under the Moon. He spent his days jumping from cloud to cloud and playing with little angels, who looked just like him. Laughing, he twirled in the sky and slid on the rainbow or rode through the sky on the winds passing by. At night, Moon rocked Baby G on a soft, fluffy cloud, which cradled him to sleep on its squishy blanket. The cheerful stars twinkled in the night sky, and Baby G cuddled beneath his cover while watching sweet dreams. He sweetly smiled when he saw all sorts of fun creatures that lived in the Moon.’

It is that sort of beautiful fantasy writing that fills this sweet book. Baby G dreams of a beautiful woman whom he wishes were his mommy. He asks the heavenly bodies to help him find his mommy and eventually the storks carry him to see a kind mother and the mother accepts Baby G in her womb until Baby G is born – very welcome on earth!

Baby from the Moon is available in print and as ebook!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Perfect Coloring Book for a Fall Storytime

This coloring and activity book for kids is based on “That Is How Things Are,” a modern classic children’s book with memorable characters and thrilling adventures. 

The two colorful stories are paired with stunning artwork that children will be eager to explore. I would recommend reading this book first. It will add a star to your child’s imagination and coloring skills. It is a kitten’s first autumn, and he wonders where it comes from. 

As the kitten observes autumn leaving and then watches the icy wind from his warm home, he tries to understand why these transformations are happening. 

The curious kitten witnesses one of nature’s most powerful and dramatic phenomena: the change from season to season.

Any child who has yearned to understand nature will be happy to relive it with the inquiring kitten. The dramatic scenes, the brave yellow leaf, and the little kitten’s nosiness will make young readers cheer and applaud the brave characters with their irrepressible spirit.You are only one click away from fun!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Perfect Book for Bedtime Snuggles!

“Baby from the Moon” is a tale about a single wish – to find a mommy, whom Baby G saw many times in his dreams while living in the sky before his birth. It is a sweet story of the baby boy and his birth that celebrates life, joy, and encouragement, while satisfying the curiosity of young children how they came into this world. A touching journey of the tiny boy, who wants nothing more then to meet his mommy, this is a gentle introduction and inspiration for every child with dreams. 

A beautiful story and amazing watercolor artwork will keep children's imaginations flying from page to page filled with loving twists and turns. Children might discover something amazing about their birth and themselves. A fantastic gift for a new mommy and baby! 

All copyrights reserved by MrsDBooks LLC

Editorial Reviews

Reviewed by Readers' Favorite
The story is magical and the illustrations make the book enchanting and delightful to young readers. The pictures are vivid and colorful and they bring the story to life. The gentle twists and turns in the story make it exciting and children will be curious to know who will become Baby G's mommy. The story also gives a bit of information about pregnancy and childbirth. It is a charming story for bedtime story telling, and tutors and educators can use it for story telling sessions in classrooms. The author's imagination is dreamy and whimsical, and is tangible as the story progresses. The book will leave its readers with good feelings as it celebrates life.

Read more reviews on Amazon 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Yummy Books to Please Your Kiddo’s Appetite!

Who Is Most Important in the Fridge: Coloring Book for Kids 

These appetizing rhyming books came as an inspiration from a girl who was a very picky eater. Originally these three stories were part of the book “A Lost Baby Tooth.” But the fun I had writing them quickly shifted to the rhyming mood, and before I knew it, I had started the new series “WhoIs Most Important in the Fridge?” I really did not want to show the most important food, because in reality all food has some benefits if it is consumed in moderation. I just wanted children to have fun with funny characters that somehow always managed to create a mess inside the fridge.

The illustrator Chanoa was able to catch the mood of the stories and showed fruits and vegetables so juicy and alive that even fussy eaters will find it hard to resist the vibrantly colored assortment inside the fridge. These books are spiced with colorful items from the kitchen and fridge, and wisdom from each character, to teach healthy facts in a fun and playful way. Young readers will witness the debate between not-so- nutritious food and healthy food. 

Amusing turns and twists will keep them busy until dinnertime. At the end of each book there are a few healthy recipes for kids to try and a few extra fun pages to color. Each turn of the page will reveal mouthwatering foods that always disagree with each other. 

Read! Eat! Color! 

Story 1 

Story 2

Story 3 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Read, Color, and Have Fun!

This coloring book is based on a beautifully illustrated, award-winning children’s book, Runaway Clothes, that was awarded Mom’s Choice Awards, Readers’ Favorite, International Awards, has earned the Literary Classic Seal of Approval, and is recommended for home and school libraries.

 It is a fun book, full of wonderful art, surprises and activities, which will entertain and educate children without them realizing it. If the child did not read Runaway Clothes first, the detailed illustrations will tell them the story of the runaway clothes. However, the hardcover or paperback book in print will treat your children to a delightful tale brought to life through the magical storyline and colorful artwork. Runaway Clothes is available in hardcover and softcover form, and as an e-book on Amazon and B&N online stores. The autographed version of Runaway Clothes, signed with a special message, is available on Etsy

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Learning Activities and a Lot of Fun!!

Enjoy looking for over a hundred items in this search and find about Jake and his dog named Cain. Picture finds for those not yet reading, word finds for those that are. Continue the fun at home with extra search and find ideas that are included at the end of this book. A portion of the profits from this book, will be donated to animals in need.

From Mrs.D:

Rosie Russell has created another delightful “Seek and Find” book that will entertain young children and keep them busy. The colorful art will amuse the young readers, and the pictures and words hidden throughout the book will encourage them to learn how to became real detectives.

The rhymes flow fast and smooth, lending irresistible cuteness to the artwork. The book is full of activities and is a lot of fun for children, who like to learn, search, and discover new things. The visual search clues for pre-readers and word clues for beginning readers are a great combination for any age. There are plenty of wonders going on as children follow Jake’s family on their thrilling short vacation.

Children are encouraged to go back through the book and take a closer look at their search. A list of extra rhyming clues is a surprising bonus, and suggestions for the games involving search and finding things is a hunting treasure. Children will fall in love with the cute puppy Cain, who is a truly great hunter and wonderful helper to Jake. Educational! Motivational! Engaging! Fun to read and play detective!

Rosie Russell is the author and illustrator of:
"Beasley's Journey" 
"Maggie, Millie, and Merrie's Magical Adventure," 
"Maggie, Millie, Merrie's Magical Coins" Book #2
"Avi Jackson Best Friends" 
"A Search and Find of Every Kind with Jake and his dog named Cain"
"Beasley and Friends to the Rescue"
"Sherman the Shopping Cart A Search and Find"

She studied Early Childhood Education and taught students in elementary and middle school for fifteen years in the Midwest.
Rosie now writes and illustrates full time and is looking forward to sharing her books with students, encouraging them to write and illustrate their own stories. 
A portion of profits from her books will be donated to different causes, depending on the subject of her books.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Good Classic Books that Educate and Entertain Young Readers

Another year. Another book. Another award. Life is beautiful. Life is full of surprises. Life is worth living when you reach for your star. Standing in front of hundreds of people cheering you for good work is a dream of every author. That is how I felt receiving my awards at the Reader’s Favorite ceremonies. Finally all the troubles left behind, the struggles forgotten, the doubts disappeared—the worries mean nothing when the cold medal touches your chest. The hard work is rewarded. The sleepless nights finally paid off. The sacrifices seem small, and the fears less scary. It is one of the sweetest moments, and one I will always remember, when I look at my books that have won awards.

Little readers are tricky fellows, because they aren’t really yours until you catch their minds and capture their imagination. They are their own little individuals, who have their own wants, needs, and made-up minds: tiny people who unknowingly put themselves ahead of anyone, including a writer. You don’t own them until they have said YES to your book. And goodness no, you do not want to ever leave them disappointed. I am glad I met their expectations and earned the trust of their parents. Overwhelmed as I was at every Readers’ Favorite ceremony, I remembered why I chose to write for children, why I took this uneasy road, an exhausting journey with many up and downs.

Many things have happened since I typed my first word in English in 2011. It was not easy to lift myself above my fears and worries about being misunderstood and criticized. The doubts I had years ago about my ability to write in English now have little effect on my confidence. The mistakes I made appear smaller and less painful. The awards displayed in my office prove that nothing is impossible once I put my mind to work. It has been a wild ride, a speedy rollercoaster, with curves and hills, sleepless nights, and endless work, but it led me to 17 published books, recognition, and success. The multiple awards I received for my books made me realize that there is still a need for good classic books that educate and entertain young readers. Teaching children about real life, building their confidence, and helping them learn new things about themselves is my strong foundation. It is important to strengthen children’s first wobbly baby steps as they learn to read with the help of good books, leading to a strong and confident walk that will carry them toward new highs and a bright future. Writing stories with good lessons became my passion. Making great quality books became my job.

The publishing world has taken a dramatic turn over the last decade. With many tools and ways to create books, there is always the chance to learn and improve. Self publishing opened many opportunities for many talented people. Sadly, it also brought many unworthy writings into the book industry, which polluted online stores and created some unappealing images for indie authors. A modern reader is lost in a mix of good and bad books. Parents have a hard time choosing quality books for their children, and most of the time don’t give independent authors a chance. As a grandmother of four, I face this dilemma when I choose books for my grandchildren. I wish there was some way to separate quality books from ones that aren’t done properly so readers could more easily navigate the ocean of books. As for me, I will continue to create classic children’s books, which help enable a child’s creativity and build a strong foundation, helping children to fly free in their imagination. Wishing you all a peaceful and happy new year ahead!