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Sunday, April 13, 2014

It Is a Good Morning After All!

There are many wonderful books about grandparents and children, who have a great time together.  Writing 'Good Morning,World!' I wanted to show a different side of human nature.  Very often, busy with many things, we grownups forget how to see the world through the eyes of a child. The key messages of this book are simple; each of us has a choice wake up miserable or happy. I also wanted to show the reader how two people seeing the same things can draw totally different conclusions. And of course, I wanted children to have fun with Grandpa character, which will show them how they may appear to others when they are grumpy. 'Good Morning, World!' is for children and parents who like to have a good discussion after they finish reading a book.  This story  is meant to spark a conversation about the attitude and choices we make.  I hope that 'Good Morning,World!' will  remind us about the beautiful world outside and that we should more often let our children interact with nature. 

Join happy Baby Thomas and his grandpa for a walk and have a

 delightful, uplifting morning!

Honored for Excellence by the Mom's Choice Awards

Reviewed by Bobbi Capwell - a life long learner and extremely passionate educator.

Baby Thomas is a ready for an adventure outside but his Grandpa is sleeping. Thomas has to figure out how to get Grandpa up from his nap. Baby Thomas  gets Grandpa awake! Grandpa is not real happy about the upcoming stroll in the park. Baby Thomas says “Good Morning” to every living thing he passes from the flowers, birds and even the sun, and everything else. Everyone notices that Grandpa is not as spunky as Baby Thomas during the walk.  Grandpa does not want to go on the walk-it is hot, the flowers make him sneeze, it is a bit windy and the animals and insects are just pests!

Mrs. D writes the story so well that you can feel the Sun and breeze on your skin as you join Grandpa and Baby Thomas on their walk. The illustrations are so on point that you can see why Grandpa is such a grouch and why Baby Thomas is loving the stroll. 
It is hard to say which one is my favorite character: Grandpa or Baby Thomas. Baby Thomas is so excited to see the outdoors and all of his “friends” while Grandpa is not happy but we all know he used to see the world like Baby Thomas does now. We need to definitely be more like Thomas when we feel like Grandpa.  

So, often we as parents and teachers forget to look at the world with young eyes! This is a perfect book to once again see the beauty thru their eyes. It took me back to the time of sitting in my Mema’s lap and listening to her stories. It is great for older children too. It is an incredible way to teach the importance of image both in words and pictures. I love the images created when the Grandpa is talking about the things they both see - “The sun is baking us like cupcakes!” yet Thomas does not mind at all. Grownups and children of all ages will love this book because they can all relate to a similar adventure that they all have had with their family! 
I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.


 Good Morning, World! GoodReads


I am a life long learner and extremely passionate educator, with over 32 years teaching experience in ELL Pre-Kindergarten, ELL Kindergarten, Head Start Kindergarten, ELL First Grade and Second Grade. I have had current position as a Technology Integration Specialist for the past 12 years, which has allowed me to continue my passion for teaching. I enjoy forming a special relationship with all of the teachers, regardless of their age/grade/subject teaching area. I enjoy showing educators how to use and incorporate software, new technology, and  web tools with students in all classrooms.

Teacher Appreciation Week is one that I think should be recognized all year not just for one week during the most hectic time of the year. Teachers work very hard without many pats on the back, praise, or happy notes.
Who else could wrangle a group of 5 year olds to the carpet and show them a schema that will last for the rest of their life?  teacher
Who else could take a non interested reader and change them into a ravenous reader?
Who else can read a letter written in what looks like another language but is really invented spelling?
Who else can take all of the criticism from outside of education and  keep a big smile on their face and an even bigger desire to work with their students even more?
The answer is TEACHER!!
Teaching is a great profession. I have been an educator for 32 years and still love it as much as I did at the beginning.
I believe people have taken teachers for granted. That taking for granted just breaks my heart because we are the builders of tomorrow. Without teachers , there would be not one doctor, lawyer, president, CEO or CTO, cowboy, iron worker, truck driver or general!
I am proud to be in a profession that has weathered adversity yet stayed positive!
So, remember to thank a teacher for what they do not just during this week but every week in the year!

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