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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Trees Have Hearts~ A Modern Day Fairytale With A Lesson

Originally published in Classic Children's Books
by Tina Peterson, otherwise known as 'The Book Lady.' 

How many of you had imaginary friends growing up? You were lonely and maybe you did not have many kids in your neighborhood or perhaps this little girl like you found yourself unable to communicate with other kids and therefore alone and needing friends. This little girl easily captures your heart and sympathies as she makes friends with the only "beings" around. 3 trees each with own their personalities are in the garden and she makes friends each one of them. The story takes place over a year and as the season changes so does the little girl - she grows in confidence and by the end of the book she has friends and needs to rely on the trees less and less.

The Trees Have Hearts is a wonderful story for kids who love to sink into a good book. Perhaps like our heroine they are lonely and need friends or perhaps they love a good book to read on a rainy afternoon. The pictures are beautiful and fun to explore and the details in them are wonderful. The suggested reading level is 5-8 but I would say it's for kids who are able to read / listen to a lot of detail. It's a bit long and the dialogue is very detailed for most 5 year olds so I would suggest parents read it first before giving it to their kids to read or trying to read it.

You can purchase "The Trees Have Hearts" as a paperback or on Kindle and you can learn more about the author right hereMrs D has also written other books including "Carlo The Mouse on Vacation" and you might also be interested in that one too. = D

- See more by visiting this website

by Mrs. D. (Olga D'Agostino)
ISBN: 978-1469134796
$ 19.79 ( paperback )
$ 3.03 ( Kindle )

From Tina: I am passionate about children learning to read and families sharing good books - namely the classics!  

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