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Saturday, November 2, 2013

When You Look At The World, Do You See It Through Rose-colored Glasses?

Good Morning, World! by Mrs. D. - Review & Giveaway

Good Morning World
Review Copy

Good Morning, World! - Book Review 

by  Create With Joy

When you look at the world, do you see it through rose-colored glasses? When you look at a glass of water, do you see a glass as half empty or half full?
No matter what your age or perspective, you are sure to find a kindred spirit in  Good Morning, World!  by Mrs. D.
Good Morning, World!  is a delightful children's book about Baby Thomas and his Grandpa - two individuals who see the world from a vastly different perspective! The contrast in their viewpoints is highlighted one beautiful sunny day when Grandma sends them to the park for a stroll.
The positive perspective of the optimist is personified in exuberant Baby Thomas, who is excited by everything that he sees! Every creature, big and small, that Baby Thomas meets with his friend. Everything on his path, he greets with joy! By the end of his stroll, Baby Thomas has collected a cap-full of memories!
Not so with poor, pessimistic Grandpa (who - in all fairness - is awakened from his slumbers to push the exuberant noisy Baby Thomas around the park!) The sun is too hot. The flowers make him sneeze. And that is only the beginning of Grandpa's walk-in-the-park woes ...
Good Morning, World!  is educational without being didactic - but lines like "The sun is very hot! It feels like a boiling pot! "Are only half the fun. Eladziem perfectly captures the essence of this story with her ​​emotive illustrations! I loved pouring over the details in every picture. Grandpa's and Baby Thomas's expressions speak a thousand words!
Good Morning, World!  is a book you will enjoy reading to your children - and your young readers will enjoy reading on their own! It's a book that makes you feel happy inside. I have read  Good Morning, World!  several times since its arrival for the sheer joy of it!
I rate this book 5/5 stars.

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