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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Mysterious Life Inside a Closet is Published!

Who made a mess in the closet? 
This enchanting story contains an amusing dialogue between the strange occupants of a closet and a curious kitten.

Much to its surprise, the kitten finds itself in the middle of a huge disagreement between the black broom and the other occupants of the closet. The blue sponge is sensitive, the purple duster is upset, the red vacuum cleaner is furious, and the black broom can not rest until she discovers who made the mess. 

Sneak into a dark closet with a kitten and see who causes mayhem! Was it the silver bucket, the green dustpan, the lost slipper, the sleepy mop, or the old cat that made the mess? Read and reread this story until you find out!

This entertaining story may start with a mess, but it ends with children laughing!  

I am thrilled and very lucky to work with the brilliant and exceptionally talented illustrator Eladziem, who illustrated my children's picture book, Good Morning, World!  and is now working on my second project,  The Mysterious Life Inside a Closet. Funny, creative, and very artistic, he always has some surprise up his sleeve. His amazing ideas make characters unique and unforgettable. Children love his choice of colors and the funny characters he creates for each scene. His richly colored illustrations have a magic feeling and texture. He works in any style you wish. Please take the time to explore the art of this talented artist at . Color, mystery, and unforgettable characters will grab your attention from the very first page! Have fun browsing his artistic site.

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