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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Children In Art History - I Am A Child

Carol Marocco was born in 1961 in Athabasca, Alberta Canada. At the age of 18 she moved to Edmonton, Alberta where she lives with her husband and one daughter Stephanie. Her interest in art piqued at an early age when she discovered a great love and a God given gift for drawing and has always felt this to be her calling in life.

Carol discovered within herself an incredible passion for the poor and disenfranchised children of the world. They have become a favorite subject matter for her paintings. She has chosen to use her talents as an artist and her passion for the poor to raise money and awareness for non-profit organizations that are dedicated to improving the living conditions of children around the world. A strong supporter of World Vision Canada, Carol truly believes that it only takes one person to change the life of a child in need and encourages others to step forward and be that ONE.

Schooled at the "Pros Art School" in Edmonton under the guidance of Fine Arts Teacher Gene Prokop, Carol has been able to grow as an artist and put onto canvas the incredible love and passion she feels for each of her subjects. Inspired by Russian, European and American masters including John Singer Sargent, Leon L'Hermitte, Anders Zorn, and Jules Bastion LePage, Carol has traveled to Europe and the United States for further studies of the European Masters.

 "If you have a dream and you make it come true ... then dream a BIGGER DREAM"
                                      -Carol Marocco 

The Journey
Little Sherpas
My Brothers Keeper

The Red Shawl

Sherpa Friends

Little Himba
The Red Satchel

Wait For Me

" My desire as an artist is that the images I paint evoke feelings and emotions that leave the viewer with a sense of connection to the image before them. If I can find a way to help improve the lives of others by doing what I love, then I will have found my purpose as an artist, and the reason for which I paint. "

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