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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

52 Great Blogs For Self-Publishers


52 Great Blogs for Self-Publishers

POD, Self Publishing and Indie Publishing
blogs self-publishers penny sansevieri
blogs self-publishing jakonrath
blogs self-publishing tribal author jonathan fields
joanna penn self-publishing blogs book marketing
walt shiel self-publishing blogs book publishing
dana lynn smith self-publishing blogs book marketing
levi montgomery self-publishing blogs fiction writing
jane friedman self-publishing blogs
cathy stucker the idea lady book marketing self-publishing
seth godin book marketing self-publishing
zoe winters indie reader self-publishing
carla king self-publishing boot camp
april L. hamilton indie author self-publishing
publetariat april hamilton self-publishing indie author
stephen windwalker kindle self-publishing blogs
steve weber self-publishing book marketing social media
alan rinzler book publishing blogs
michael n. marcus self-publishing blogging
mark coker smashwords ebooks self-publishing
tom colvin writing and publishing
christy pinheiro self-publishing
cheryl anne garner self-publishing book reviews
freya rehman book buzzr book marketing self-publishing
tony eldridge book marketing internet business
henry baum self-publishing review fiction
aaron shepard self-publishing aiming at amazon
mark barrett ditchwalk self-publishing storytelling
bob spear book trends self-publishing
dualit self-publshing indie publishing book design
thomas umstattd author tech tips self-publishing
brian clark copyblogger copywriting self-publishing
guy lecharles gonzalez digital book world ebooks
john kremer book marketing self-publishing
morris rosenthal self-publishing 2.0 print on demand
sue collier self-publishing resources tom ross marilyn ross
henry hutton publish and sell self-publishing
victoria strauss writer beware blog self-publishing joel friedlander
julia lindsey our little books self-publishing
open publishing guide RIT book design self-publishing
judith briles the book shepherd self-publishing
carol denbow a book inside self-publishing

TLC Graphics blogs for self publishers
Writing and Publishing News self publishing blogs
Author Assist self publishing blogs
Writing Spirit Blog for self publishers
Spirit Authors blogs for self publishers
Small Press World blogs for self publishers
Full Time Author blogs for self publishers
Marketing Christian Books blogs for self publishers
Self-Publishing Today blogs

Well, that’s the 52 blogs, as promised. But, if you include this one, there’s actually 53:

joel friendlander self-publishing book design

So go forth and read, read, read. The publishing world is changing so fast no one person can keep up with developments. It’s through the combined work of all these dedicated bloggers that we can at least know we’re keeping up with the leading edge of change.
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