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Friday, December 7, 2012


 The Idea behind his still life photographs is realizing landscape using just... food!

THESE clever landscape photos prove art is a matter of taste – they are made from the contents of a FRIDGE.

Plays with his food ... artist Carl Warner

Artist ... Carl Warner
Artist Carl Warner, 44, combines several images to create the amazing scenes, including a broccoli forest, bread mountains, cheese village and smoked salmon sea.

The dad-of-four plans to turn the photos into a book to encourage kids to eat more healthily. But he admits his own children still have trouble eating their greens. Carl, of Tonbridge, Kent, said: “But at least they don’t play with their food as much as I do.”

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Foodscape by Carl Warner
© Carl Warner - A boat made of watermelon, peas, olives and asparagus plough trough a stormy seas made of radicchio salad

The castle is made out of cheese, the walls out of rice, and the wagon wheels out of mushrooms!

The trees, of course, are made from broccolis! The "rows" of farmland are made of corn, asparagus, and zucchini. Potatoes stand in for rocks ...

 Loaves of bread as mountains!

Foodscape by Carl Warner
© Carl Warner - A sea cave made of bread, carrots crabs and a lobster

Foodscape by Carl Warner
© Carl Warner - A sea cliff made of Parmigiano cheese, potatoes and cabbage

Foodscape by Carl Warner
© Carl Warner - A sunset by the sea realized with salmon slices, black bread, potatoes, beans and a pod of peas as a canoe

Foodscape by Carl Warner
© Carl Warner - A landscape made of bread and broccoli cabbage

 Vincent van Gogh's classic self-portrait

interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa:

Foodscape by Carl Warner

© Carl Warner - 

Foodscape by Carl Warner
© Carl Warner

Carl Warner Biography
Born in Liverpool England in 1963, Carl now lives in Kent and works from his London based studio near to London Bridge’s colourful food emporium of Borough Market. Having worked as a photographer in the advertising business for 25 years Carl stumbled on the idea of making landscapes out of food just over ten years ago and these ‘Foodscapes’ have now brought him world wide acclaim for his very own unique and individual art form. 

This has led not only to many commissions for international clients such as Nestle, Unilever and General Mills, but also to a publishing deal with Abrams books which saw the launch of his first book ‘Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes’ in November 2010. His work has been used in children’s hospitals, childhood obesity clinics, by nutritionalists and many other good causes to promote better eating habits in both children and adults.

Carl is has now completed his second book ‘A World of Food’ which will be for children and will feature poems which are also written by Carl, he is now starting to exhibit his work around the world to audiences both young and old who enjoy the ‘pleasant deception’ of his imagery and the escape to his gastronomic paradise.



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