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A Beautiful Tribute From My Fans

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Morning Magic by Frank Steele

Morning Magic

This is a guest post from Frank Steele, a freelance editor and proofreader who lives in the Dallas area and resides on the Web at

Mrs. D. asked me if I’d consider writing a post for her blog, and I didn’t have the faintest idea what to say. I’m an editor, not a writer, so inspiration doesn’t come easily for me. I was puzzling over it this morning as I went for a walk around our residential neighborhood, which is a quiet, pleasant area full of cozy little brick houses, trees, and parks. It was a beautiful fall morning, with crisp, clean air, and a sky so blue that it was almost fluorescent.

Image courtesy of Rey Nocum  

I’ve always loved the mornings. I think they’re magic, and this one was especially beautiful. It was still early, so the streets were deserted and the houses were quiet, although an occasional squirrel went bouncing by, chittering as it went. Birds sang happily in the trees, which still have their leaves, although they’re now all shades of yellow and red and brown. The sun was still low on the horizon, so its rays filtering through the trees and houses were like broad spotlights on the trees and grass, giving them a golden glow. Often there are bunnies, but I suppose they were still in their burrows this morning, staying warm.

The morning was magic, and the world was a magical place, full of possibilities. So as I was thanking God for such a beautiful day, it dawned on me what I should write about: Books also make the world a magical place, full of possibilities, and transport children to realms of wonder, no matter what’s around them.

When I was a child, growing up in Kentucky, I read a lot. My mom would take me fishing with her, and I’d always take books with me. We might be sitting on the bank of a bank of a muddy river, but I wasn’t really there. I was riding with Ivanhoe, or gazing across Walden Pond, or wondering how it could be both the best of times and the worst of times, or tumbling down the rabbit hole with Alice. I explored all sorts of new worlds while my mom fished.

Under the Bridge

Image courtesy of

So thank God for children’s books, and for authors like Mrs. D., who uncover the magic in the world and open children’s eyes to the magic that surrounds them and the possibilities that lie within them. As children see new worlds through their books, they can’t help but be inspired to make this world a new and better one as well.

For bilingual children’s stories, children’s videos, coloring pages, activities, and more, please visit, a great site run by Frank’s talented daughter.

Dear Frank,
Thank you: It’s so little. It’s so big. It’s easy – and easy to forget, too. So THANK YOU for your time and devotion to my work. Not too many old-school professionals like you are left in this modern world. You are a blessing ...
  Mrs. D. 


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