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Monday, November 5, 2012

How to Build Your Solid Reputation on Google/by Juan Felix


How to Build Your Solid Reputation on Google

Would you like to know one of the secrets to stand out in your competitive market? Great! Read on to learn how building a solid reputation on Google is the very foundation for your business success.

#1 Business is emotion

Before I continue with sharing a couple of my secrets with you, I like to point out that the label “standing out” for me, does not mean “being superior”. With “Standing out” I refer to this: people start noticing you, because you start to treat them in a certain way. You treat them with LOVE!
The insights I share with you today, are part of my new online training program, titled: Bridal Leads Mastery. As the title explains, this program is especially created for businesses in the wedding industry.
But here’s a secret that applies to any business: if you love and respect yourself, you will treat your clients, customers, prospects with the highest respect and love!
Business success is all about emotion!

#2 Online spending is growing fast

Now, if we look at the size of the wedding market, according, wedding couples in the US together spent 53.3 billion dollars on weddings in 2011.
Although the total wedding market was declining in 2011, the Online Wedding spending was up 43 percent over 2010. And Wedding Mobile Spending was up 44 percent. Total online spending for weddings in the US in 2011 equals 8.6 billion dollars.

#3 Search generates most traffic

search on Google

Now, here’s something important for you to know: 80% of the engaged couples used search engines to find their wedding vendors. In fact, the wedding site owners that know how to rank high on Google are in the top 5 of most visited sites. Just look at the following table:
Top 5 websites in the US for weddings are (used in 2011)
You may know that the top 4 sites on Google’s search results, receive 70% of all the clicks. So, ranking high on Google is what gets you a lot of traffic. But, this may come as a surprise to you, using the right keywords, is not what will rank you high on Google. You need to work  on your reputation! Read on to learn more on this…

#4 Google loves solid reputations

Now, the important question is: “How do you build a solid Reputation on Google”?
The answer is in getting people to talk about you! In other words: word of mouth marketing. This word of mouth marketing works the same for Google. The more people refer to your blog site, the more this proves to Google, that people trust your site.
But, here’s the most important differentiator: it’s not only the number of links that count, but the quality of the links. In other words, you need to get links from certain authorities on the web.
If you want to know which sites are linking to you, you can start a link audit. There are a lot of tools to do this. The free link audit tool is: Google webmaster Tools. And there is also MajesticSEO. This link tracking tool uses the link intelligence database to analyze the links to your site.
In this graph, you’ll see how the top 5 wedding sites are doing with their link building strategy.
If you conduct a link audit, you need to look at certain things:
  1. the url that is linking to you
  2. the page linked to on your site
  3. the anchor text used for the link
  4. whether the link is followed or nofollowed
Here’s an example of a nofollow value, assigned to the relation attribute of an HTML element to create an anchor text.
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link text</a>
This rel=”nofollow” action means that Google will not use the link for ranking.

#5 Build your reputation with inbound links

There are a number of ways to generate more links to your site.  I’d like to share 7 examples of link building with you:
#1 Comment links
By commenting on other blog posts, you can earn backlinks to your site.
#2 Social Media Profile links
Include links to your site on all your social profiles
#3 Editorial links
Whenever you share great content, other blog sites might link to your content in their blog post.
#4 Guest post links
Start writing guest posts for other blog owners and get rewarded with a link to your site in the author bio.
#5 Resource links
Become a valuable resource and receive a link when others include your blog site in their list with resources.
 #6 “May I have a link” links
Just ask for a link in return for offering something of value to the other site owner.
#7 Local links (think Google places)
97% of consumers search for local businesses online. With adding your business to Google places, you not only improve your online visibility, but also receive another backlink to your site!
If you want to learn more about how to capture quality leads and generate a solid cash flow, I invite you to Pre-Signup today for my new online training program “Bridal Leads Mastery“.
With Bridal Leads Mastery you’ll learn how to leverage the power of search and social to generate high quality traffic to your central hub: the place where the conversion takes place, generating the solid cash flow you need to build your sustainable business.
All that is within your reach, by signing up to my special list of first subscribers to this new and unique online training program.
Takeaway: if you seriously want to connect with your target audience, you need to give them something of value to them. That will get them talking about you. All this word of mouth marketing online, generates referrals to your blog site. With these online referrals, you will gain a solid reputation on Google. The giant search engine will reward you with high-ranking in the search results. That’s the real secret to differentiate yourself online!
Thanks for your attention, and I’m looking forward to support your business success in 2013 and beyond!


Juan Felix is the owner of Felix Relationship Marketing. His company offers smart marketing strategies, guided by creative ideas and measurable results.
His company focuses on how to use social media like Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest to build solid relations on the social web - share valuable content -create word of mouth - generate leads and grow your revenue.
Juan works as the senior editor and contributing author of Nieuwe Media Gids. An online magazine to support Dutch entrepreneurs and marketers with new media marketing.
Juan also works as Mari Smith's Chief Facebook Moderator.

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