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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Different Ways to Get Kids Involved in Reading

This guest post is contributed by Debra Johnson, blogger and editor of

Different Ways to Get Kids Involved in Reading

With all the different distractions kids have and activities they’re involved in these days it’s hard to get them to actually want to sit down and read a book. However, reading is just as important as being involved in extracurricular activities, and is much more stimulating than playing video games or spending time on the computer. So how do you get your kids to want to read in their spare time? Here are five tips that can help you make reading fun for your little ones:

1.      Take them to story time at the local library. Most local libraries have a story time where kids of all ages are invited to come and listen to someone read to them. This positive environment is perfect for encouraging kids to read, and once story time is over they can go and pick out their own books to bring home with them. Plus, since other kids their age will be there also, they have a chance to make friends that are interested in reading too.

2.      Read together every day. From the time your child is born you can make a habit out of reading together each day. Create a ritual, such as reading together before bedtime, so that reading is as much a part of their life as brushing their teeth and playing with friends. By making it a normal habit they’re much more likely to want to keep doing it. 

3.      Take on the persona of different characters while you’re reading. To make story time even more fun, try emulating the characters in the books that you’re reading to your child. Give each one a different voice and personality to help the story come to life. Your child will look forward to hearing about his favorite character’s adventures when the character has a distinct personality, and it will teach him to use his imagination to really visualize characters as he begins to read on his own.

4.      Make it an interactive experience. Don’t let reading just be words on a page, make it an interactive experience that you and your child can enjoy together. When she’s young have her point out different aspects of the story from the pictures, such as Cinderella’s glass slipper or the different dwarves from Snow White. As she gets older, have her read the parts of certain characters so that you can trade off who is reading. Eventually have her read to you, and encourage her to use different voices to breathe life into the characters while she’s reading, just as you did for her. 

5.      Mix up the types of books they’re reading. Pick a variety of different books for your child to read. Read a mystery book one week, find a “choose your own adventure” book the next, and pick up plenty of interactive books that have crossword puzzles or pictures where you have to locate different elements of the stories to bring along on road trips or doctor’s visits. Constantly having different types of books to read will keep things interesting and fun.
Books are a great way to expose your children to different worlds and help them learn to really utilize their imaginations, but as technology continues to grow and kids get busier and busier it’s easy for reading to fall by the wayside. By starting to read with your child at an early age and doing everything in your power to make reading a fun experience you can help foster an early love of reading in your child.

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