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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CARLO THE MOUSE ON VACATION - A Delightful Bit of Whimsy Children's Book

Chapter 1
Carlo the mouse was born in Great Florida Hospital on 1411 Water View Drive in a clean hospital basement. His home was behind the hospital’s kitchen walls, and with his first breath, Carlo inhaled the smell of cooked food. Since then, Carlo had been eating.
Always chewing, the chubby little mouse grew up to become a happy plump mouse. Carefree and joyful, he married a beautiful red-haired mouse named Maria. They lived happily inside the hospital walls with their three red-haired daughters.
Most of the time, Carlo was a happy mouse, although he had one unfulfilled wish: a vacation. He had never left Florida.
One hot day, lying in the sun on top of a garbage can, he was daydreaming. “There must be more to life than the hospital,” he thought restlessly, turning from side to side. 

Fixing his broken sunglasses on his sniffing nose, Carlo decided to go on vacation.
Running between the cars in the parking lot, he checked their license plates, reading the state each car had come from.
“Alabama, Ohio, Tennessee,” he read.
“Booooooring!” he said, running to the next row.
“Georgia, North … South Carolina, Virginia,” he kept reading, moving his sunglasses up and down.

“Aaah!” He sighed, disappointed, reading neighboring states. “The neighbors. Too close.” He waved good-bye to the familiar plates and ran to the second level of the parking lot.
“Florida, Florida, Florida, Florida.” Carlo lost count of the many cars from his state. Deep in thought, he continued his snooping, twitching his whiskers.
“Something must be going on in the hospital! The cardiology department seems to be very busy.” Worried, he ran back toward the building to check on things.
Passing a black car, he stopped. This car was from New York. Taking his sunglasses off, he scratched his head.
I looooove New York! Carlo thought, remembering seeing it on TV in the waiting room. But then he thought about the movie that he once watched with the patients in the emergency room. It was scary!
Huge rats with sharp teeth that looked like monsters from another planet occupied the city. Chewing everything in their path, they pushed his relatives into the Hudson River.
“Brrr,” Carlo shivered, shaking his fat belly, imagining what had happened to the poor mice. “No! I will pass on New York,” he said, walking away.
Climbing to the cardiology department, he jumped on the canopy roof that covered the entrance. Preoccupied with his new problem, Carlo, not paying attention, slipped.
“Owww,” he screamed, pushing hard on his back legs to stop himself from falling. Sliding down the canopy, he landed in an open car trunk.

Not seeing Carlo, the driver slammed the trunk shut and drove away. It was Mr. D. from New Jersey, and he was allergic to mice...

 (available as e-book on most e-devices)




Grab your boots and hold on to your hat, because you’re in for an exciting trip! Let your imagination soar in this new full version of Carlo’s adventures. This series of 10 books is an entertaining look into the life of this little mouse, who was born inside a hospital’s walls. His parents taught him how to survive on his own, but Carlo broke all their rules in exploring the hospital.

Clever, curious, and very impatient, Carlo constantly gets in trouble with the hospital staff, causing chaos in the hospital. Somehow, he manages to survive the exterminator, the head cook, Fidel the cat, and the hospital manager, who becomes his worst nightmare.

As he learns about famous cooks from watching cooking shows on TV, Carlo the mouse dreams about the world outside the hospital. But as he takes an unexpected vacation far away from home, he finds out that the world outside the hospital is not what he expected. His insatiable desire for adventure gets him in constant trouble.


Listen to the news and keep your eyes open, because a curious little mouse has had his wish come true! Now We’re Talking! is the second in a series of books on Carlo’s adventures. This nosy little mouse leaves home for the first time to explore life inside the hospital. But Hospitalia is a strange place, and there’s no place for him to hide. Cold, sterile, and unfriendly, the hospital looks nothing like Carlo had imagined while sitting at home. Before he knows what’s up, the kitchen staff are on his tail. Will the hungry mouse manage to trick the hospital manager, cook, and exterminator without breaking the rules his parents taught him? You’ll find out in Mrs. D.’s next book on Carlo the Mouse, What’s Going On? If this clever mouse outwits you, don’t get discouraged. Keep reading and follow Carlo’s adventures!


Trouble! Where did that ravenous little mouse come from who’s disturbing the peace in the hospital? What’s Going On? is the third in a series of books on the adventures of Carlo the mouse. Carlo knew he was not supposed to go near the manager’s office, but when the kitchen staff were chasing him, he made a choice that started a war. This is only Carlo’s first time out, and already everyone is after him. Imagine what could happen when he learns his way around the hospital! He likes to eat, and is growing like a mushroom after the rain. Will this be the end of our curious little mouse, or will Carlo manage to outsmart the clever manager, angry cook, and sneaky exterminator so he can go home safely? You’ll find out in Mrs. D.’s next books on Carlo the mouse. Remember, Hospitalia is a strange place …

© All Rights Reserved by Mrs.D.Books.

Begin a big adventure with your little ones, join CARLO THE MOUSE ON VACATION!
ISBN 13 (SOFT): 978-1-4628-4449-4
ISBN 13 (HARD): 978-1-4628-2993-4

Carlo the Mouse on Vacation has been published and is available as ebook  on e-devices. To download e-book please go to:CARLO THE MOUSE ON VACATION


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