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A Beautiful Tribute From My Fans

Friday, July 6, 2012


Published in My Time as MOM
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One of my favorite features of Facebook is the ability to auto tweet my posts.
While I do have some people who follow me on both my blog’s fan page and my Twitter account, it seems that everyone has one site they like better and that they spend more time on.
By having my Facebook posts auto tweet out, I can reach both audiences with only one update. As a blogger, this saves me time (which we all know is valuable).

Sign into Facebook as your personal account and go to
Here you will see a list of all the pages that you are admin for.
Press the “Link to Twitter” button for the page you want to link.
Next you need to login to Twitter and authorize the application.

Once the page is linked to Twitter, you can decide what updates you want to auto tweet. Once you are done, press “Save Changes.”

- If you say “click like” in your post, be prepared for people on Twitter to reply saying “there is no like button on Twitter” or something similar. To avoid this, I always delete the auto tweet if it says “click like.”
- You only  have 140 characters on Twitter so to really get engagement on both sites, keep your posts within that limit (I know it’s not always possible, but definitely something to keep in mind).
- You need to reply to people on both networks to keep the conversation going. People will stop replying to your updates if you aren’t engaging with them.
So get your accounts linked and make your blogging life a little easier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it interesting and useful. 
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About the author:Jessica Torres

Jessica is the wanna-be entertaining writer of the blog My Time as Mom and plays a bartender on the Internet over at One Martini at a Time. She loves WordPress, social media, and her family (not necessarily in that order). When not blogging, Jessica can be found on Twitter and Facebook (or taking a nap).

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