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Friday, June 29, 2012

How To Become A Book Marketing Ninja


How To Become A Book Marketing Ninja

To be effective in today’s noisy world, you can’t be lazy when it comes to marketing and selling your books. You have to stretch your thinking and your methods. You must break old paradigms and shatter trusted formulas.
You must become a book marketing ninja!
Here are three ways to do that:
1) Reconsider all of your marketing tactics. One of the biggest promotional mistakes you can make is doing something just because that’s the way it’s always been done before. Just because everyone else pursues book reviews, bookstore distribution, library sales, and media exposure in a certain way (or even Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), that doesn’t mean you have to.
Your marketing decisions should be based on what’s best for your particular situation, genre, target fan base, etc. Don’t mindlessly follow the flock. Be different. Think creatively. Get focused on how you can most effectively reach new readers and fans — regardless of how the established authors or “experts” (including me) say it needs to be done.
2) Think in terms of opposites. Make a list of all the specific things that major book publishers and mainstream authors do to promote their books. Then imagine what would happen if you did the exact opposite.
What if you never did public appearances or book signings? Or made your books available only on USB drives? What if you were mysterious and never displayed your photo and never did interviews? Or … what if you did book readings live only on tennis courts, city buses or roller coasters? In short, what could you do to radically set yourself apart?
3) Redefine your small-scale, independent status. One of the reasons independently published authors feel they need to “act” like they are traditionally published is because of an inferiority complex. Without a publisher’s or a literary agent’s official backing, indie authors often feel they’re imposters and aren’t worthy of pursuing their dreams.
Guess what? That’s nonsense!
Embrace your independence! Don’t hide it. Flaunt it! As an indie, you have the unique ability to communicate on a far more personal level with your fans. You get to call the shots and control your destiny. You have freedom. Celebrate it!



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