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A Beautiful Tribute From My Fans

Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Fantasies hang in the sky, like clouds..."- Vladimir Kush art


(It seems  that the thoughts of two lovers concentrated and materialized into the shape of an aggregation of plasma, uplifting the two to the top of the hill. They can now fully enjoy all of the magical colors of dawn. A night whose stars refused to run their course? A night of those which seem outworn, Like Resurrection Day, of longsome length To him that watched and waited for the morn. (Richard Burton) The third delight is joy when you are loved, and always having someone who is near. We are connected by one word as if I had your blood. With you, I can fly over the greatest cliff of fear. (Valery Briusov) Cliff to cliff, the silence of the desert Surrounds us The day calms We are hand in hand, And only the images of mutable fantasies Hang in the sky, like clouds.)

Vladimir Kush Metaphorical Voyage
The first part of his work. 
Play With Fire
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 1
Red Purse
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 2

Ocean Sprout
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 3

Anticipation of a Night’s Shelter
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 4
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 5

Red Wood Cutting

surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 6
Ripples on the Ocean
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 7
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 8
Winged Satellite
surreal paintings vladimir kush 35
surreal paintings vladimir kush 32

Walnut of Eden
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 11
Star Target
surreal paintings vladimir kush 27
Invitation For Lunch
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 13

Morning Blossom

surreal paintings vladimir kush 18

surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 15
Dream Catcher
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 16
Bound for Distant Shores
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 17
Black Horse
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 18
Arrow of Time
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 19
Forgotten Sunglasses
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 20
Eye of the Needle
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 21
Garden of Eden
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 22

Heavenly Fruits
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 23

Fiery Dance
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 24

Stopped Moment
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 25

Lovely Plant
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 26

surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 27

surreal paintings vladimir kush 33

Green Apple
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 29

surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 30

Tide of Time
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 31

Treasure Island
surreal paintings vladimir kush 30

Our Time Together
surreal-paintings-vladimir-kush 34

Opium Lovers
surreal paintings vladimir kush 21

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