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A Beautiful Tribute From My Fans

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.


A couple of months ago, Rufus and Target were just two stray mutts loitering a remote military base in Afghanistan, but one incident and an act of bravery would forever change their lives, catapulting them to overnight stardom and war heroes.
It all happened on the night of February 22, when three stray dogs; Rufus, Target and Sasha were alerted by a suspicious looking male lurking around the entrance of a building, where about 50 US soldiers were sleeping. Instinctively, the dogs started barking fiercely with Rufus proceeding to bite the unidentified man on the leg. Suddenly, a loud explosion rattled the base, awakening the soldiers…
Within seconds, the soldiers were able to piece together the preceding event and realized their lives had just been spared by the heroic act of three stray dogs. The unidentified male was a Taliban suicide bomber intent on killing US soldiers. The pups, sensing danger, started barking furiously. This frightened the bomber into prematurely detonating 24 pounds of C4 explosives. The explosion unfortunately killed Sasha and seriously wounded Rufus and Target. Five soldiers were also injured in the attack.
After weeks of recuperation, Rufus is reuniting with Sgt. Chris Duke in Georgia, one of the soldiers, whose lives he saved. Target is being adopted by the army medic who nursed her wounds following the attack. She has been flown to Phoenix to meet her new family.
Afghanistan is littered with stray pets, some of which are found on military bases. Soldiers often take a liking to them and want to adopt them at the end of their tour. Thanks to non-profit organizations and pet shelters, they are able to do so, something which would have been almost impossible in the past.
Organizations such as Move One provide full transportation and relocation services for pets. Accredited by the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), Move One specializes in the transport of pets, including Military Working Dogs.

Joseph Patrick Dwyer  Army medic famous by photograph rescuing a young boy, succumbed to PTSD. by Pat Garcia

Who are your Heroes? Sometimes people we think are Heroes are but born with Silver Spoons in their mouths. They can be empty spoiled folks who present themselves as Heroes. Its important to discern them from the privileged to the real Heroes of Life.
What about the minimum paid soldier who gives his body, life and soul for the United States that serves for the freedom, rights and respect of this country for you and I. I have a few Armed Services friends, I see the wounds they will feel and endure likely for a lifetime in the service of our freedoms. Even at home their pain and suffering from service will never end. They are Heroes with scars. Those people who defend the rights of my nation and wholly sacrifice for the freedoms I daily enjoy are my Heroes.
So is this little guy with a giant smile Cody. Never lose faith in the ability or smiles of the Human Race. Be grateful for them. They overcome adversity we cant imagine and they teach us to smile through it. We owe these people everything, for they represent the grand spirit of sacrifice and the inspiring essence of the triumph of Humanity.

I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks for reading this article and visiting my blog.

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