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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Join Carlo the mouse in this delightful series of children’s books!


The shrewd Carlo finds a way to survive the most unusual situations while dodging—or causing—mayhem along the way, touching readers’ hearts and making them laugh.

Suddenly, he came across a lake. Never having seen so much water so close, Carlo stopped and smiled. Sparkling in the sunset, the lake looked like an endless ocean.
“Well, it is starting to look more like a vacation. They have an ocean in New Jersey too,” he thought, splashing the water around.
“A dip before dinner would be nice.” He decided to go swimming. Carlo took his old glasses from his nose and hid them underneath his pants, which he put on the grass. He closed his eyes and dove into the blue water, not bothering to look around the shore.
“Aaahhh … Ooohhh …” He was swimming to the middle of the lake, splashing as he went.
“Not Florida, but refreshing after a long trip.” He smiled to himself, floating on his back. To avoid the nasty seagulls and other birds that were at war with mice, Carlo never went to the beach in Florida.
If New Jersey had more restaurants, not just Mrs. D.’s kitchen, it would be a great vacation after all, he thought, climbing on the shore.
Barely able to see, Carlo leaned over to look for his glasses. He looked around, but the pants and the glasses seemed to have disappeared.
“Lose something?” a white rooster asked from the bush nearby...

Begin a big adventure with your little ones, join CARLO THE MOUSE ON VACATION!

ISBN 13 (SOFT): 978-1-4628-4449-4
ISBN 13 (HARD): 978-1-4628-2993-4

Carlo the Mouse on Vacation is available as ebooks  on most e-devices. To download e-books please go to:


Carlo the Mouse - This series of enchanting books is an entertaining look into the life of a little mouse born inside a hospital’s walls. His insatiable desire for adventure gets him in constant trouble with the exterminator, the head cook, Fidel the cat, and the hospital manager, who becomes his worst nightmare. Unexpectedly, Carlo the mouse takes a vacation far away from home and finds out that the world outside the hospital is not what he had expected. Join Carlo in this delightful series of children’s books!

Grab your boots and hold on to your hat, because you are in for an exciting trip! 

The new series of Carlo the Mouse has been born.

Book 1- Too Many Rules for One Little Mouse 

Too Many Rules for One Little Mouse is the first in a series of books on Carlo’s adventures. Each book will give readers an entertaining look into the life of a little mouse born inside a hospital’s walls. Clever, curious, and very impatient, Carlo the mouse dreams of the world outside the hospital. His parents teach him how to follow the rules and how to survive on his own, but Carlo’s insatiable desire for adventure constantly gets him in trouble. 

Book 2 - Now We're  Talking!

Will the little adventurer manage to survive when he leaves home? You’ll find out in Mrs. D.’s next books on Carlo the mouse. Let your imagination soar in this full series of Carlo’s adventures!

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