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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Poignant and imaginative, this story will easily find a spot in the reader’s heart. Unable to speak a new language, the little girl tries to make friends. Rejected by other children, she feels sad and lonely. She lives in an old house with a small garden, where three garden trees and the mysterious wind become her first imaginary friends. This book opens a surprising imaginary world as seen through the eyes of a child.

Reviews on Amazon:
·       This enchanting story of a young girl in a strange place and lost in a strange language was written by a woman who lived it, and made of that experience a wonderful tale of beauty, peace and friendship.
·       It's a wonderful story. I hope it has legs!

Reviews on Amazon
This is a delightful book. First of all, the illustrations are absolutely stunning. They definitely help bring this fantasy story to life. The storyline itself is sweet and touching. It manages to teach wonderful lessons about true friendship and adapting to change without being preachy or overdone. I'm not sure if the author meant it to be, but I also felt like this was a story about growing up and maturing over time. I felt like the main character really grew and changed throughout the story. She went from being sad, lonely and insecure, to finding self-confidence and contentment.

 The "tree people" reminded me very much of fairies, although I don't think the word fairy was actually used in the book. Overall, this is a lovely book that I would definitely recommend for anyone who enjoys reading uplifting fantasy stories.

P.S. I really enjoyed the preface too. Although I will admit that I often skip prefaces or introductions when reading a book, I would highly recommend you read this one and give the words some thought. Our children truly do grow up too quickly and we should take advantage of every opportunity we are given to share time with them.

Reviews on Amazon
THE TREES HAVE HEARTS- Beautifully Illustrated book for children of all ages, which teaches children very valuable lessons about friendship, love and acceptance. I have followed MRSDBOOKS.NET for some time and previously bought CARLO THE MOUSE ON VACATION. I was expecting another CARLO adventure but was quite delighted when I read THE TREES HAVE HEARTS. Great story, written from the heart of a mother trying to help other children on how to cope with their problems while growing up. I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK FOR ALL MOTHERS AND GRADE SCHOOL TEACHERS.
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Follow the delightful story of a little girl who discovers the real meaning of friendship in The Trees Have Hearts.
ISBN 13 (SOFT): 978-1-4691-3479-6
ISBN 13 (HARD): 978-1-4691-3480-2

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